Friday, August 31, 2012

End of one therapy and on to the next!

On Preston's 3rd Birthday he aged out of the Provo Early Intervention Program so he no longer gets speech therapy or water therapy with them.  Instead he will be transitioning into a special ed preschool through the school district.  He starts this Tuesday!! ahh!
Anyways Preston has been doing Occupational therapy for the last 6 weeks as well as continuing his Physical therapy at the Orem Pediatric Rehab center.  Occupational therapy is more for everyday living skills  some of the things we have been working on are dressing, putting socks and shoes on, potty training (not going so well), using utensils ( he was seeing a feeding specialist at the orem rehab but he can not eat without choking so he doesn't do that anymore yay!), and his attention span ;-P
This month Preston has done pretty well with putting clothes on...he has a hard time figuring out how to get his shirt off tho.  The main thing this month is putting on shoes. These are pictures of him wearing Davin's bball shoes. He loves to put our shoes on cause they are just soo much easier lol.

"...But mom, these shoes are so much easier to put on then mine!"
Preston's first time putting his own shoes on!  They are on the wrong feet but he put a lot of effort into it and did a great job! ;-)

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