Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Preston's first day of Preschool

Preston's first day of preschool!  It is a special ed preschool in the Provo school district called Sunrise Preschool.  The school is brand new and Preston already loves the playground because we have taken him to play there this past year. He is scheduled to go Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 8:55 to 11:25am.  They actually have the preschoolers ride the special ed bus.  We haven't decided if we are going to have him ride the bus yet so I opted to drive him.  
Preston was a little nervous when we were getting ready so early in the morning and I was packing his backpack.  He knew something was up but didn't know what.  I let him pick out which bib he wanted to wear and he chose the bright orange one. haha silly guy!  When i went to drop him off in the lobby there were a ton of people parents/teachers/aids/kids...craziness!  Preston was just clinging to my leg.  When an aide came over to take Preston to class he wouldn't let go of me.  I told the aide that I would just walk him to class. As soon as we got to his classroom he started to calm down because there were only 4 other kids in the class, an aide, and the teacher.  He put his backpack in his cubby and was off roaming the classroom.  I told him that Claire and I were leaving but would be back soon.  He seemed fine til we walked all the way out the door then he tried to follow and started to cry.  I kept walking because I didn't see the point in comforting him just to leave again.  I teared up a little bit after that. I did not expect Preston to cry because he never cries when we leave him with babysitters even when he doesn't know them well.  surprise surprise!  When i picked him up he seemed a bit timid but Ms. Deby said he did well and only cried for a min when we left and then was fine.  yay! First day was a success! ;-)  
When we went to leave I noticed a lady close to our car whose car needed a jump.  I had jumper cables so I told her I could jump her car.  Poor lady was freaking out a little bit because she went to put the jumper cables on and put the negative on the positive and melted a small part on the jumper cable.  She said that she would pay me for them.  I felt bad that she felt so bad! They were hardly melted  at all cause she noticed right away and still work just fine.  I told her not to worry about it.  Oh and her car started!  Hurray!  Good deed for the day!  ;-)

Preston still couldn't figure out what was going on and was still a bit nervous.
spinning around
Showing me his backpack that we got him for his birthday.  He loves it!
putting his backpack in his cubby with his teacher Ms. Deby.  He doesn't have to share a cubby because  he doesn't just go Tuesday Thursday or Monday Wednesday like the majority of kids. Instead he goes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday because they decided he needed an extra day since he is really behind especially in speech.
wandering the room
realizing Claire and I are actually leaving.  He was sad. poor guy!
When Preston got home he promptly removed his name tag and stuck it on Claire...haha He is such a nice brother to share that with her lol

Friday, August 31, 2012

End of one therapy and on to the next!

On Preston's 3rd Birthday he aged out of the Provo Early Intervention Program so he no longer gets speech therapy or water therapy with them.  Instead he will be transitioning into a special ed preschool through the school district.  He starts this Tuesday!! ahh!
Anyways Preston has been doing Occupational therapy for the last 6 weeks as well as continuing his Physical therapy at the Orem Pediatric Rehab center.  Occupational therapy is more for everyday living skills  some of the things we have been working on are dressing, putting socks and shoes on, potty training (not going so well), using utensils ( he was seeing a feeding specialist at the orem rehab but he can not eat without choking so he doesn't do that anymore yay!), and his attention span ;-P
This month Preston has done pretty well with putting clothes on...he has a hard time figuring out how to get his shirt off tho.  The main thing this month is putting on shoes. These are pictures of him wearing Davin's bball shoes. He loves to put our shoes on cause they are just soo much easier lol.

"...But mom, these shoes are so much easier to put on then mine!"
Preston's first time putting his own shoes on!  They are on the wrong feet but he put a lot of effort into it and did a great job! ;-)

Fun Kids in August

Preston Loves his lil sis!

Claire's first time in pig tails! Plus look at all that drool! haha

Playin together...kinda.  Preston will put his toys just far enough away so she can't quite reach.  He wants to play with her but then doesn't want to share.  He is going to have to learn!  ;-P

my 2 drooly babies ;-)

outfit Aunt Amy and Uncle Jake got for Claire...Preston loves it because it has minny mouse on it

I love these 2 'playin' together

whenever Preston falls asleep I feel like I need to document it because he hasn't taken a regular nap in over a year!
watching a movie!

Preston loves giving his baby kisses
wake up Claire!
Preston eating breakfast consists of him shoveling food into his mouth as fast as he can...those 11 hours of sleep sure make a boy hungry!

Claire has been drooling a lot...probably teething and bein in the oral stage (which we are trying to break Preston of haha)  One day Davin and Preston decided she needed to wear a bib too.  Preston thought it was so cool ;-)
silly guy...loves to put stuff on his head...hats, scarves,  handkerchiefs, socks lol   
I can see you... haha
These kids sure love their daddy!  They got to spend so much time with him this summer because he was working 4-7:30am every morning at BYU so Davin was home by the time they were up.  They sure will miss daddy when he goes back to school full time!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Claire is 5 months with a sick lil tummy ;-(

4 days after we started Claire on rice cereal (just days after she turned 4 months) she started having the diarrhea poo for every poopy diaper (too much information, i know lol) I thought she just had a stomach bug and gave her some pidialyte for a week but nothing changed.  I called the doctors office and they told me to just keep her hydrated which I had been doing.  A week later I called again and they told me to put her on a probiotic called cultraelle and stop giving her rice cereal.  About 5 days after we started her on the cultraelle was when we went on our 2 day vacation that she just had poo bums all the time probably every hour and got a horrible diaper rash too ;-(  
I finally couldn't take it anymore and took her in to the doctor.  Poor Claire even started to thin out a little bit (good thing she had plenty of reserves lol ) The doctor looked her over and said she should be tested for celiac disease which a few of my family members do have.  The doctor also wanted a stool sample (ha!) to test for a wide variety of stomach bugs and parasites...to see if she needed an antibiotic.  So they had to draw her blood for the celiac test (blood from both arms) so sad but she did well.  She appears to not have celiac (phew!)  The crazy part was that her stool sample (getting the stool sample was quite tricky having to use plastic wrap and a urine collection bag lol) came back negative for everything.  The doctor prescribed a special antibiotic for the bowel that had to be specially mixed.  She has to have it 4 times a day for 7 days.  Tomorrow is the 7th day and so far it has made it so she only has one to two diarrhea poos a day but she still isn't pooin normally ;-(  I sure hope when this medicine is done she goes back to normal somehow.  If not she will have to see a specialist.  I just can't wrap my brain around taking Claire to see a specialist but I just won't think about that until the time comes.  

Other than all that Claire is doing well!! 
(so well that I forgot about taking her 5 month picture for a week)

She loves to smile.
She loves being held in the standing position or hanging out in the exersauser. 
She loves to squeal in excitement and joy...very loudly!
She loves it when people make her laugh, especially Preston lol!
She can sit up for a lil while now with a boppy behind her. 
She can hold her own bottle while being held or layin on the ground. 
She loves to TRY to suck on her thumb...we pull it out quickly and shove the binkie in haha (you can take away a binkie when the time comes but you just can't get rid of a thumb on a thumb sucker haha ;-P )

Friday, August 24, 2012

Bowling! Maybe not...

We tried to go mini golfing at the Orem Trafalga black light golf course.  We thought Preston wouldn't last long but he didn't last one hole before he just took off looking at everything.  The craziest part was that he couldn't really see and kept tripping on everything.  bad idea! haha Maybe next year since we were there for a total of 15 mins. ;-P  It was our last (kinda) fun thing we did before the end of summer. ;-)
Can you see Claire?
running around
Carrying his glow in the dark golf ball
Preston couldn't figure out why we were using clubs when you could just simply pick up the ball and put it in the hole lol

after Preston threw his ball into the water...he wanted to get in the water to get it

obviously going the wrong direction haha