Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back home to Michigan!

We flew back home to Michigan for a long visit August 14th-28th! We were so lucky for being able to spend so much time in Michigan. Preston did well on our flight out to Michigan but we did cheat a little bit by giving him benadryl lol. It was way nice to be back in Michigan! We loved visiting everyone and just relaxing while my parents took care of Preston... ;-). Although Preston ended up having a delayed reaction to his 1 year vaccines so he was not feeling very well for most of the trip. He also wasn't sleeping very well so neither did we...sadly. But Preston did have a good time as well. We on the other hand played a lot of cards, went out to eat, went to the movies, ping pong!, went to the melon fest, zoo, the beach, of course hung out with family and friends, went for walks, horseback riding, shopping, swimming and many more fun things! Sorry for this really long photo journal lol but we just had so much fun and took a LOT of pictures!

Preston and my dad had a lot of fun together!

They both laughed and laughed!
My mom (of course) was in on the fun too!
My mom acquired a bunch of toys for him to play with!
he cruised around the whole house!-wish we had a house!

He loved sitting in my mom's high chair! We would play cards and he would sit there playing with spoons...happy as a clam!
So when we put Preston down for a nap he was being fussy and than he was so quiet....too mom said oh he must just have played himself to but i knew better! When i went to check on him this is what i found! He had pulled all the cords out of the entertainment center upstairs!

We celebrated my cousin Elise's Birthday! It was super fun and extra exciting because my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jim (her parents) came up to Michigan so we got to visit with them too! I hadn't seen them for a year! This picture is so funny cause we are all just hanging out not doing much...i guess i should have gotten some more exciting pictures!
We visited Davin's long time friends Brian, Randi, and their little boy Bryce! Preston and Bryce had a good time together! Preston was showing him how to hit the table lol
Brian's mom had us all over for a pool party! Kinda like a late birthday party for Preston and a few other kids. He loved the balloon she got him! Elmo! His favorite!
Davin and Preston.....Brian and Bryce.
The water was pretty chilly so i didn't go in, but the boys seemed to love it anyways! lol
Preston is big for his age but Bryce is like 6 months younger so don't think he is a total giant!
Ping Pong!
Preston with his paddle!
Preston loved "playing" ping pong on my parents would think with the extra person on their team they would have beaten Davin and I. ;-P
The ZOO! Amy and Preston!
Preston really liked Amy's sunglasses on the drive to the zoo ;-)
The seal tunnel! so cool!
Preston loved the reptile house. That little turtle kept coming so close to him! Of course he was pointing at everything!

Preston the snake tamer! ahh lol i know this looks soo real but no the snake is fake...;-P

Davin pointing out to my mom that no the rhino in the back ground is not a rock....

Our Zoo group!
I love Preston's face in this picture!
He fell asleep while holding onto the was pretty funny
The seal tunnel! Sadly the polar bears never came out for us to see mom was devastated...all she wanted to see were the polar bears. sad day.
We went to visit my cousin Elise and go swimming in the lake they live on. The water is pretty shallow and has a little beach so it was perfect for Preston! His first time at a beach on a lake!
Her kids Cooper and Wil showing Preston how it is done!

First thing Preston did? Put a handful of sand in his mouth...needless to say he didn't try and do that again...yuck!

He preferred just sitting and playing because when he would try to crawl his hands would sink into the sand...he didn't like that!
We went over to my old neighbors Cheryl and John's to go horseback riding! I used to board my horse their and get horseback riding lessons from Cheryl. They became my good friends! Preston loved playing with their dogs! It was funny...he would crawl around after them.
I haven't ridden in so long! I loved it! I rode quite a few times while i was there too ;-)
I even got Davin into the saddle! Davin did pretty well and didn't seem to hate it....which is good enough for me lol. oh and the horses name is Sawyer and he is only 4 years old and is a great young horse!
Preston rode too! He was all smiles! I think we have a future horseman in our mist ;-)
We put Preston on Cheryl's little 2 year old mare. She was such a sweetie and put up with Preston on her back. Preston was all smiles again. Makes for a happy mom ;-)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Preston's August Accomplishments!

August 11th was Preston's 1 year doctors appointment. He is growing healthy and strong.
His stats
height: 31 1/2 inches tall= 90th percentile (still a tall boy!)
weight: 23lbs 9 ounces=70th percentile
Preston fell asleep after his well as Davin. lol
I just thought this picture was funny...
Preston and Scarlett love to watch each other...they actually do a pretty good job entertaining one another!

I gave Preston my old laptop to play with hoping he would leave ours such luck!

Scarlett safe from Preston in the pack n play lol Scarlett fell asleep

Preston outside in his walker...he was running away haha

Preston loves playing with his foam letters and numbers he got for his birthday...judging by the way he is wearing them...i guess i do

started Preston on sippy cups August 5th

Preston started pulling himself up really well August 3rd.

Preston finally started crawling on his hands and knees August 6th! woohoo!! This is bad quality because it was with my phone. Seems like my phone is always within arms reach!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Davin's Good Friend Robbie invited us to go boating with his parents on their nice big speed boat on Utah lake in Provo. It was a lot of fun! It was Preston's first time on a boat. He did great although he wasn't a huge fan of wearing the life jacket. I have not been boating in who knows how long and Davin hadn't been for a really long time. I tried wake boarding but couldn't get up...i was so sore the next day it was pathetic. I really want to try again...hopefully next year when i am in better shape. ;-P

Davin knee boarding. He also wake boarded but i didn't get a picture. It took him a while to get up until Robbie's sister gave him some good advice on how to get up on the wake board...Robbie's advice was an epic

We could see the Y on the mountain from the boat!
Family! ;-)
Waiting to get on the boat...
Preston kept trying to steal the keys from the boat. lol

Driving the boat with Robbie's dad
The life vest he didn't like too much...
He really liked walking along the boat when we would stop. All in all a nice couple hours on the boat!