Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Preston's Surgery....

Preston's surgery to have his tongue clipped because it was tongue tied and tubes put in his ears was January 7th at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. We were told to be at the hospital by 6:30am....super early but that way Preston wouldn't have to go without eating for too long in the morning. Preston was a happy camper when we were waiting. He played with the toys they had there and got to wear some hospital pjs and socks....pretty much the cutest thing ever. I had no idea that they made hospital gowns so small! Preston really enjoyed the hospital socks with the grippers on the bottoms. He would just walk around trying to push his feet but they were stuck so he would pick his foot up really high....to walk better? lol who knows. I spoke to the doctor before the surgery and I had mentioned that the skin that connects the top lip to the gums was really low and between his top 2 teeth. The doctor checked and said that he would clip that skin as well because it will cause gaps between his front two adult teeth. Poor kid...even more cutting in his mouth! Anyways he went in for surgery around 7:45am which sucked because Davin had to leave at 7:30am for his class at 8am. I really wished he could have been with me because it was harder on me to have the nurses take him back then i thought it would be. It made me super sad when he left. Preston didn't mind at all, he loves everyone so he was laughing and smiling when he left me and they took him down the hall.

I waited for like an eternity for Preston to be done....ok maybe only 20 mins....but it sure felt like an eternity!! I could hear him crying down the hall. When they brought him in he was crying and there was blood coming out of his mouth. The doctor told me that the surgery was a success with no complications which shocked me because all i saw was blood and crying....didn't seem like a success to me! All i could think was, what have i done?! Anyways sure enough the harder he cried the more he spat blood! Then i started crying because it was so hard for me to see him like that and of course Davin wasn't quite back from class yet. ;-( When they handed him to me he was just hysterically crying. He had an IV in his little left hand from the surgery so they were giving him fluids to try and flush out the a anesthetic because they were saying he was just having a hard time coming out of anesthesia. He eventually calmed down for about five minutes and then started screaming again. I asked them if they could get him some pain meds because he seemed to be in pain. The nurse came back with the oral kind of pain medicine and of course he wanted us no where near his mouth. I was so mad....why didn't they just give him some pain medicine through his IV? Anyways we did eventually get him to take it and he fell asleep in my arms....poor baby!! Davin got there just after he fell asleep...go figure!! ;-P Eventually my back started to hurt so i went to lay him down on the bed and as soon as i laid him back he started choking....apparently on blood. ;-( I sat him up and he was much better...he even took a few bites of yogurt. ;-) We left at about 10:20am an hour later then we had been told because he had a hard time after the anesthetic including recognizing who we were!! So sad ;-(

When we got him home he would only eat cool yogurt which was totally understandable. The doctor prescribed Preston some Tylenol with codeine for pain. The first 2 days we gave it to him every 4 hours because he would start whining in obvious pain just before 4 hours was up. The first day he was just really out of it because of the anesthesia but let me tell you the next day was hilarious when he was feeling good on his pain meds. We caught him doing the funniest things which included....laying completely flat on his belly licking the floor while kicking his legs and hitting the floor with his hands, yuck!!, he laughed at the dumbest things, pointed at the ceiling a lot, he would fall and just lay on the floor like it was the coolest thing ever, and pretty much walk around like a drunk. lol He is doing great considering we found out later that he had 4 stitches under his tongue! Thankfully the stitches were the dissolving kind and are all gone now. It is so amazing how quickly Preston has bounced back. He no longer chokes on food or a sippy cup. He now seems to be able to hear much better. Preston still has yet to say a word but it will come soon hopefully and sadly he still drools like no other. The drooling thing has just got to stop!! ;-P

This was just a funny thing he did while drugged up. He put the construction worker in his shoe then put the fireman next to the shoe and then brought Elmo over to look (Elmo is the red fur on the bottom of the picture. lol
We had to add the bib to the gown...lol but it was super cute. I did take the bib off when they brought him back to me because of all the blood at first...

He loved the piano they had for him to play with! ;-)