Thursday, July 30, 2009

Preston's Birthday!!

Preston Erik Jarvinen was born July 27Th 2009 at 3:42pm after i was induced at 6 am. He was a healthy big guy at 8 lbs 13oz and 21 inches long. We were so happy to finally see the little guy. My mom and little sister Amy came to Utah to see Preston. My brother Seth and his wife Megan came to the hospital to see Preston as well. Preston was so interested in seeing everyone that he actually didn't go to sleep right after birth until nine o clock pm and he slept for almost 9 hours!! Also we learned right after birth that he loves to play with his tongue by rolling it and sticking it out.
It was nice to have my mom around to help with the new born Preston. My mom and Amy were around for about 2 weeks. It was scary to have her leave but Davin and I were just fine without her. As it turns out new born babies are not breakable and pretty much let you know whenever they need something. ;-) thankfully. Preston was a really good baby from the very beginning. He has been a joy to have.
Preston was a little jaundice like most babies so he had to be tested a couple of times after we took him home. Thankfully he didn't need any extra care. When he was about 6 days old we had to take him to the ER for complications with his circumcision. But everything ended up being just fine.....we were just a little paranoid.
Pictures! sorry they are not in order:

Preston home...trying to escape!

getting ready to leave the hospital...putting his clothes!

I look terrible but i wanted a picture of of me holding Preston the day we went home!

Just after birth Davin holding Preston

Big boy!

Just after birth...sleepy baby

Preston held onto Davin's hand when the doctors were checking him it!

foot prints!

First bath at the hospital!

My mom and Amy at the hospital... he has a red mark on the side of his face from the forceps ;-( It went away within a day or 2.

wow...what is this place?? ;-P

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Parents visit to utah!

My parents drove out to Utah for a visit and they hoped i would have the baby while my dad was here for the first 2 weeks of July(which didn't happen sadly). My dad then had to fly home for work and my mom stayed till the baby came.

My parents, Davin and i went to Bridal veil falls in the Provo canyon in Provo, UT.
this is my parents in front of the bottom of the falls
This is me in the stream type thing at the bottom of the falls. It was in July and the water was still freezing because the water is from the mountain snow run off. It felt good on my swollen feet and legs.
Davin and I at the bottom of the falls....he always loved to touch my stomach when i was pregnant.

This is my mom, dad, and i on the bridge over the river to the falls. Fun stuff

My mom, dad, brother, sister in law, little sister, Davin and I went to Lavender days in Mona, Utah. The fields were beautiful. I was hot and miserable since i was nine months pregnant but it was still very pretty and i am glad i went.

My parents

They had like this old jousting type building thing that had this jousting and archery show. It was kinda for children but it was still fun to watch. The horses were huge.

The guys in the little jail place they had for an old west show....that we didn't see. but still cool. It was super fun when my parents came for a visit. My little sister Amy and her boyfriend Jake came down for the 4Th of July from Idaho along with my cousin Todd and his Fiance Catie. We had a blast....i just didn't get any pictures. oops