Friday, August 31, 2012

Fun Kids in August

Preston Loves his lil sis!

Claire's first time in pig tails! Plus look at all that drool! haha

Playin together...kinda.  Preston will put his toys just far enough away so she can't quite reach.  He wants to play with her but then doesn't want to share.  He is going to have to learn!  ;-P

my 2 drooly babies ;-)

outfit Aunt Amy and Uncle Jake got for Claire...Preston loves it because it has minny mouse on it

I love these 2 'playin' together

whenever Preston falls asleep I feel like I need to document it because he hasn't taken a regular nap in over a year!
watching a movie!

Preston loves giving his baby kisses
wake up Claire!
Preston eating breakfast consists of him shoveling food into his mouth as fast as he can...those 11 hours of sleep sure make a boy hungry!

Claire has been drooling a lot...probably teething and bein in the oral stage (which we are trying to break Preston of haha)  One day Davin and Preston decided she needed to wear a bib too.  Preston thought it was so cool ;-)
silly guy...loves to put stuff on his head...hats, scarves,  handkerchiefs, socks lol   
I can see you... haha
These kids sure love their daddy!  They got to spend so much time with him this summer because he was working 4-7:30am every morning at BYU so Davin was home by the time they were up.  They sure will miss daddy when he goes back to school full time!

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