Monday, September 20, 2010

motorcycle and MY Birthday!

Shortly after we got back from our trip to Michigan we bought a motorcycle to replace our scooter which was stolen. We decided to get a motorcycle because motorcycles are to heavy to just pick up and take in a truck....seriously! ;-P Also (of course) Davin didn't want to buy another scooter...he wanted a motorcycle. We ended up buying a smaller used road bike off of KSL (similar to craigslist, just local) a 2008 Yamaha V-star 250. Davin loves it...i still have yet to take a picture of it with the camera this is just a picture with my phone. The motorcycle is in great condition and is a maroon color (if you couldn't tell). I have ridden on it once with was pretty fun ;-) We also are a lot more cautious with the motorcycle then we were with the scooter...we keep it parked in front of our in order to steal the bike they would need to steal the car...which maybe could be a bad thing? lol jk

For my Birthday Davin threw me a surprise party. This is how it happened........
We started by dropping Preston off at Seth and Megan's so they could babysit him so Davin and I could go out. We went to outback steakhouse...yumm. Then we went to play pool at the BYU recreation center. It was fun but since i was just getting over a cold i got kinda tired and just wanted to watch a movie at home. But Davin said how about just a little longer so we kept playing for like an hour and 15 the last game i quit halfway through and Davin finished alone ;-P Then we headed home to just relax and watch a movie without Preston. Davin took the long way home and once we pulled into our parking spot Davin was saying that maybe we should make out in the car like old times...he just made me laugh. (he was buying time). Then our apartment manager was outside and we just chit chatted for a little bit. Then Davin wanted us to check the mail before going into the apartment....together. (buying more time) Then i opened the door to a small surprise party. I was very surprised. It was fun..with Linzee and her kids, Seth and Megan brought Preston and Scarlett, Jason,Robbie, Ali and Stephen. Not a lot of pictures do to Davin having to take them and host...what a good husband ;-)
It was a good 24th birthday?! I can't believe i am 24!! Life is starting to pick up the pace i swear! Honestly 5 years ago I did not have any of this envisioned for myself.(this-meaning my current life lol not the surprise party)Being married with a child? No way. I am a planner and a checklist person and i can assure you none of this was planned so soon. However i am glad that life is a ride and that i cannot plan it no matter how hard I try. Also I do not think my life would be even close to as wonderful as it is now if i had planned it all out. I have a wonderful husband who totally came out of no where and swept me off my feet. Then a wonderful little boy who just could not wait one more minute to be here and has made our lives a little more complicated but all the more amazing! I have learned so much in the last year. Like.....

1)What life is really!
2) enjoy the small things
3) not to sweat the small stuff
4) not to live with the idea that when we are done with school our "life" will is now!
5)" Birds have bills too but they keep singing" seriously! Money will come and go and go...;-P
6) sometimes love really IS all we need.
..........My life has had ups and downs but I would not have it any other way. Happy 24 years to me!