Friday, June 29, 2012

Random June Pictures ;-)

Preston being a stinker getting into Claire's exersaucer (i guess it was his at one time ;-)  He climbs in but then has a hard time getting out.  silly!

Preston loves giving Claire hugs and kisses.  As you can tell in this picture she usually likes them too ;-)
He cracks me up!  He always wants to wear Claire's fits him so well too ;-P

Preston holding Claire on the couch so she can watch CARS with him haha

Preston loves it when Claire gives him "kisses' too ;-P

2 peas in a pod...their arms are even the same haha!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Claire's 3 month accomplishments!

Claire started sleeping in the crib in Preston's room but for whatever reason she woke up at 6am for 30 mins and then would fall back to sleep til nearly 8.  So I would have to bring her to bed with me so she wouldn't wake up Preston at 6.  She has me wrapped around her little finger! 

my beautiful girl!

3 month picture with her lamb...and my foot...opps lol  She is starting to chunk out!  She still has a bunch of fuzzy hair! haha

Claire can sit in the bumbo for a little bit now without getting upset ;-)

Claire can now roll onto her side from her back!  

Claire likes her baths now!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day!!

For Father's Day I got Davin a small portable grill, propane, and grill tools. He likes the taste of grilled food but we have never had one.  Davin was excited and he used it that day.  He couldn't get it to work at first for whatever reason haha but it worked and still works great.  Preston and Claire love their daddy!!  I am so lucky to have married such a wonderful man!  He is kind, smart, and a wonderful dad!  I love him and love watching him be their dad.  ;-)

Preston showing off his car instead of smiling!

Now a daddy of 2!! Wow!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Man Trip?!

We were invited to go on Davin's friends (a group of his friends from Murry, Utah. Robbie and the gang) Man Trip.  I guess his friends used to go camping for a week every summer with just the guys.  However, now that a bunch of those guys are married now the married guys bring their wives and kids.  But they kept the Man Trip name alive lol  We just went up for a day.( we aren't really campers lol) I forgot to take pictures...ya I am lame.  Preston had a great time playin in the dirt and woods with some of the other kids.  We ate food and really just hung out and played a few games.  It was in little cottonwood canyon...we haven't ever been there before...very beautiful, as with much of Utah.  ;-)
Claire hangin out in the shade with the coolers
Preston got soo dirty...he loved every minute of it!
sorry these are in the car...when i thought about taking pictures.  The campsite had tons of ever green trees and was very shady.  I love all the ever greens!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Preston and Scarlett having fun!

I had stopped watching Scarlett a few days a week in December (if i remember right).  But I would watch Scarlett for Megan when she had a doctors appointment with her OB/GYN in Provo and Megan would watch Claire for Preston's P.T. appointments in Orem (where Seth n Megan live).  It worked out perfectly!
Claire watching them play
these 2 got so focused on building with the blocks...they were getting blocks from  his room for each other and they were so funny!

Scarlett wouldn't smile for the camera but she is still super cute anyway!

It got so tall that I had to lift them up to add more blocks to the top lol
uh oh...its falling!
they were both pretty sad that it was falling over so I fixed it and they continued building ;-P
While they were playing they decided to line up all of the balls in the apartment...including a plush one on the very left.  They are so funny.