Sunday, May 30, 2010

mother's day and the rest of May!

Preston is getting around now, just very slowly. His version of crawling is not very efficient...that is for sure!

My first mother's day was terrible. Not because my husband didn't do nice things and get me great presents it was mainly the fact that i woke up at 1:30 in the morning throwing up!! Yes that is right i ended up with the stomach flu on mother's day!! It was by far the worst stomach flu i have ever had in my life! Later that night Davin had to take me to the instacare because i was so dehydrated! I ended up needing 2 bags of IV fluids. Davin and Preston got me a gift certificate for a massage and a tanning package. They did a good job with the presents since it is just what i wanted. Davin had planned to make me a nice meal but i couldn't eat anything. Sad day! Davin was very caring and took care of Preston while i was on my death or so i thought. ;-P What a great way to spend mother's day...i hope next year goes a lot smoother!

For memorial day we went shopping...woohoo! Got some good deals on clothes and stuff. Then later in the day we went over to Seth and Megan's and played a video game all together (which was actually kinda fun, i usually hate video games). Also Seth BBQed some hamburgers and we had some yummy food! I sadly forgot to take pictures...i fail!! Preston acted really funny every time he saw their cat! He would squeal and clap his hands. His whole body would shake with excitement....Funniest thing ever!! Wish i had got that on video. Maybe next time when we go over he will do the same funny thing. The craziest thing is that their cat would actually walk over to him...Preston just wanted to rip her fur out. Poor cat! ;-P

Thursday, May 6, 2010

!st day of school!

Okay so last night was my first day of my first college class in 3 years!! I was soo nervous it was pathetic. ;-P All in all it went quite well minus the fact that i was about a minute late because i couldn't find the class! How embarrassing! Thankfully i wasn't the only one since the class was hidden in the basement!
This summer i am signed up for 2 classes for the semester. My class for the first 7 weeks of summer is English 2010 (the one i started last night) the second 7 weeks of summer is going to be "American Heritage" which is needed as a core class at UVU (Utah Valley University). I feel really good about going back to school and getting a degree....however after my class and reading through the syllabus last night i remembered how much WORK school is! LoL how in the world i had forgotten that is beyond me! but seriously WHAT was i THINKING! Summer classes are soo short that each day counts as a week for a normal semester. ahh! I CAN do this! At least that is what i keep telling myself. Last night was a bit overwhelming. My class is Mondays and Wednesdays 6 to 8:30. I am soo glad that the teacher gives us a break every forty five minutes. Also that Davin is able to watch little Preston while i am at school! I think the boys had a rough night last night....well at least Davin did. lol But i am sure it will get easier for Davin. I think he thought that i just gave Preston his toys and just did whatever else i wanted throughout the day/ night....haha was he wrong!! Not that Preston is a bad baby it is just that he is older and wants you to play with him! lol!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My handsome boys!

My mom got Preston the cutest pin striped suit that matches pretty close to Davin's suit. They are so handsome! I Love Love them!! My little man is getting so big! He is looking more like a little boy then a baby.....they REALLY do grow up soo fast!

look at that hair and those cheeks! ;-)

My boys!

Preston thinking he can take his onesie off!

Preston's onesie had gotten really damp from him drooling but i left it on him cause i was just going to give him a bath and put on his pjs. However since it was so damp he started grabbing at it and pulling it cause the material was starting to sag from all the drool. He then became very interested in his own skin under the clothes that he totally stretched it out lol

He always thinks it is funny when i tell him to stop doing something.....i hope this doesn't continue this his whole life. ;-P

still working on the army crawl!

He is really starting to get to where he wants to go!
He is soo close to crawling! We will see how much longer it will take him!

Even napping on his tummy all by himself! It made me nervous at first but he is fine!