Saturday, October 31, 2009

October fun

Picture when he was trying on his costume that his grandma Burke sent him for Halloween.

We had this cute scene set up outside of our apartment and he would not pay attention long enough to smile. sadly.

to busy looking at the leaves i think.

Preston likes to watch TV and watch the computer times. lol

Davin's pumpkin.....this is the only picture we got of it. oops

Preston is a smiling fool now....happy boy!

and he drools a lot!....i think he is teething already! so does the doctor.

he really doesn't mind tummy time anymore

Such a good boy in his car seat...we take him everywhere!! We like to get out of the apartment that is for sure! i think he does too.

Usually loves his baths!
Getting chilly outside....this is our very unmatching little boy. blue hat, green striped PJ's, blue plaid pants, and yellow rimmed it was the only warm thing we could come up with that day. don't worry we got him a few more winter outfits...he doesn't always not match. ;-P

On Halloween a friend of mine Emily (who just got off her mission from Japan) invited us to a Japanese place to eat in Salt Lake City. It was fun. She dressed up....we didn't....well only Preston. Apparently in Japan everyone throws up peace signs for the camera....Emily hasn't gotten over that yet....and well Davin has no excuse lol

Preston didn't mind going to Salt Lake City...although he seemed somewhat nervous around the grill at the restaurant.
All we did for Halloween was go to SLC to eat and rent a scary movie...we just dressed Preston up for the day...our little Monkey. ;-)