Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Time!

So for Thanksgiving my mom was still here so my dad decided to drive out for the holiday week and pick up my mom.  For Thanksgiving Dave, Catie, and Todd drove down from Idaho!  We had such a fun time with them here!  For Thanksgiving dinner we went over to Sarah's apartment because it was bigger.  We had my mom, dad, Seth, Megan, Scarlett, Todd, Catie, Dave, Rachel, Sarah, Jared and us of course.  haha  
This is just a picture of Preston and Scarlett leaning on the washer while it was going. They thought it was soo cool!
Playing under the table
Peek a boo!
They were pretending to sleep haha
Jumping on the bed!
Preston was "helping" grandma roll out the pie crusts.  He was pretty proud of himself!
Thanksgiving day!  Preston loved looking at Dave's pictures of 4 wheelers and motorcycles.
After dinner my dad watch Preston and Scarlett so we could all  play mafia ...good times lol
Davin is playing the narrator...Scarlett wanted to help.

Black Friday...well 10pm on Thanksgiving at Walmart.   Can you spot Rachel and Catie? lol It was crazy but we got a good deal on DVDs, and a Cars bed set for Preston.  Good times minus the random fights over things lol

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The New Baby!

At the end of our summer in Michigan we found out we were pregnant! I didn't want to just tell Davin we were pregnant so i decided to leave a pregnancy test on the sink to see if he would notice...oh he didn't lol typical.  So i ended up just having to tell him...he was still excited even though i didn't tell him in some cool way ;-P  Then i tried to tell my mom by putting the pregnancy test in a zip lock and having Preston hand it to her.  Well that plan backfired because i forgot that my mom is blind without her reading glasses to small print.  My mom thought it was a thermometer lol so fail number two!  I just had to finally have her look real hard.  She was excited once she understood what it was.  Then we decided to tell my dad by writing "soon to be a big brother" on Preston's back. My mom ran into my parents room and told my dad that Preston had a rash on his back and that he should take a look at it....haha my dad was all worried about a rash until he saw and read what Preston's "rash" said.  He was excited as well ;-) 
of course i had to take 2 pregnancy tests just to be sure! ;-)

Preston's "rash"
My first OB ultrasound around 10 weeks...i still had a subchorionic hemorrhage but it was almost completely healed.  We found out i had the bleed because of pain i was having and an early ultrasound around 7 weeks...but i didn't get a picture of that ultrasound. sadly.  The bleed isn't usually a big deal and heals on its own. thankfully ;-) oh and the bleed  is pictured in the red circle.
this is the same ultrasound just without captions 

 As you can see at my 20 week ultrasound we found out we are having a girl!  I was so surprised that i had the ultrasound lady check twice!  I totally thought i was having another boy!  Mainly because i thought most women are more sick with girls and this pregnancy I was a lot better than my first pregnancy.  I threw up only every other day as compared to 3 times a day with Preston lol  Anyways everything looked great for her! Although we did find out that she weighed around a pound and a half so she is most likely going to be even bigger than her brother! ah ;-P

Our beautiful baby girl! She kept moving so it was hard for the lady to get a good picture. 
I love her little foot!  

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween and Davin's Birthday

For Halloween we decorated Pumpkins, went to Seth's work party, Seth n Megan's ward Halloween party, and on Halloween we went trick or treating at the mall.  My mom was in town helping out with Preston so she got to come to everything too!
from left to right, My mom's, Davin's, Mine, and Megan's.  Davin and I did ours free hand lol mine looks bad but Davin's was always.  We carved them while Preston and Scarlett were was late. ;-)

Our Halloween costumes at Seth's work party.  Preston was Spiderman, i was Mary Jane with dynamite strapped to me,  and Davin was the bad mobster guy trying to kill me. lol We aren't super creative but it was fun!  Preston actually wore his mask most of the night!  I was surprised he did so well wearing it!

There were random entertainers walking around and this guy had a snake and a tarantula.  Davin kept saying that the guy better not put the tarantula on him haha and he did...Davin almost screamed ;-P....Preston just stared at the spider lol  Love this picture! 

Each of the rooms had a theme and decorations for Seth's work party.  It was pretty neat!
This is Seth and Megan's church Halloween party.  Seth held Scarlett and  Preston  while we ate.  They love each other!
Driving to go trick or treating a few days later on Halloween at the Provo mall.  Preston decided he wanted to wear his construction hat as well as a mask lol double the disguise i guess.   

The way Preston was running around it was hard to believe that earlier that day he had his ear tubes replaced . lol he is a touch cookie!

Ok so i sucked at taking pictures lol  This is the only one i got. For his birthday we went to outback steakhouse yum and then we went laser tagging!  My mom was still in Utah so she watched Preston and Scarlett so Seth and Megan could come too!  SO it was Seth, Megan, Sarah, Jared, Robbie, Dan, Rachel, and another of Davin's friends. Altogether there were 10...5 on 5.  It was super fun!  Then we ate cake and ice cream back at the apartment.   Preston and I picked out  a Harley Davidson cake for Davin.  

This is just a random picture of Preston and Scarlett lol