Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve/Resolutions

Our new years eve was a pretty relaxing evening. Davin worked till 10:15pm so Preston and I just hung out. I put Preston to bed around 9:30pm and told him happy new year. He really had no idea what was going on, oh well. lol Maybe next year. When Davin got home from work we watched a movie and ate some yummy free sushi Davin got from work and ate some puppy chow i made. Very quiet but pleasant way of bringing in the new year. We paused our movie to watch the ball drop. lol Then finished our movie. Ok so our New Year Resolutions (goals)....
1.lose 10 pounds
2. Do more service for others
3. Be a better friend
4. Try not to jump to conclusions
5. Be more physically active
1. Work out more
2. Get better grades in School
3. Build more stuff with my own hands/tools
4. Fix my motorcycle
5. Do more things with my family

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

3 year anniversary!

Since we were not going to be in Michigan for our anniversary we decided to go all out for our anniversary and get a hotel in Salt lake City. Also we arranged for Preston to have a sleep over at Seth and Megan's during our get away and he had a great time! So the weather on our anniversary was terrible!! The weather kinda forced us to change our plans a little bit but we did have a fantastic time anyways. First off we headed to salt lake a little earlier then planned to make sure we could make it to salt lake city at all. We went to outback steakhouse which was really close to salt lake city and the roads were horrible! It was just crazy. It took us about 45 more mins longer then it should have. However we had a very nice dinner. MMmmm. Then we ventured out into the snow storm to our hotel in downtown salt lake city. There was so much snow and ice on the roads that we even saw a tow truck spin out. Needless to say we drove slow and steady. ;-P It was very strange driving downtown with little to no traffic. Also with all the snow it didn't even look like downtown salt lake. so weird. Anyways the hotel was wonderful and the hotel staff were so helpful with directions and everything. Also the next morning when we went to leave, our car was all cleared off of snow and ice!! We would not mind going back there, that is for sure!
After checking in and everything we decided to go to the mall that was right by the hotel. We got some hot chocolate and walked around the outdoor i think we were just about the only ones. We still enjoyed our very snowy walk none the less. ;-) Later that night we went to Denny's for some dessert....we had some plans to go to a much nicer place but it was way too far away from the tram system and we did not want to drive. Anyways dessert at Denny's was good and we rode the times. We may not of done a whole lot but we sure enjoyed our time as just a couple in Salt Lake City.
The next day we slept in of course but only till 9:30 LOL We are so used to getting up with Preston that 9:30 seemed like sleeping in. Then we had breakfast at Denny's and headed back to Provo for a movie. We saw Tangled...such a good movie! I loved it! Anyways I think we determined that celebrating an anniversary like this is worth every penny! We definatly want to do this again next year! ;-)

When we left Provo it was slightly sprinkling.

Closer to the point of the mountain it was pouring.

at the point of the mountain it was snowing/raining.

Into the salt lake valley...snow! Lots of Snow and since it had been raining there was ice under the snow as well!! Yuck!
Our winter wonderland! It was so quiet and beautiful!
The gateway!
Trams! Best way to travel! Especially in crappy weather!

Hotel lobby...Davin hanging out by the fire!

Tram station right by our hotel...pretty awesome!
we really do love each other!! ;-)
Davin loved the tram a little too much i think. ;-P

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas time!!

Towards the beginning of December we had Robbie and Angie over for some cookie decorating fun! Angie pretty much taught us how to decorate cookies cause she is really awesome at it. From now on i think are cookies are going to actually look cool! ;-)
We decided to take Preston and Scarlett to see Santa together. cute!
He was a really good Santa. The kids loved him!
Preston broke one of his antlers right off the bat....of course! lol
Santa gave Preston a Santa rubber duck which he loved holding onto in his mouth. It was really funny! He held it in his mouth for a good 10 mins.
For Christmas eve we went over to Seth and Megan's for some yummy chili, snacks, and games! A couple of Seth and Megan's friends came over too. We had a great time. This picture is of Scarlett and Preston opening up Scarlett's present from us.
Preston loved her present. lol
Christmas Eve at Seth and Megan's.

Preston opening up the monster truck Seth and Megan got Preston.

Seth and Megan got Preston some pjs too.

Preston loved holding the truck in his mouth by a tire. As you can see Scarlett thought it was pretty ridiculous. lol

Once we got back to our apartment Preston opened up another pair of pjs from us. He wore the ones from us to bed...mostly because he drooled all over the other ones. yuck!
Woohoo we all got pjs on Christmas eve! After we put Preston to bed we read the REAL Christmas story from the bible. It was a very fun and nice Christmas Eve. It was sad that this was the first time that I was not at my parents house for Christmas but we made our own Christmas wonderful as one small family. ;-)
Santa came!!
We left out some cookies and Santa even took a bite out of one. ;-P
Preston was surprisingly excited when he woke up and we showed him all the presents. He was definitely more into opening presents this year. We loved it!

He got really excited about his fire truck and mega blocks so he climbed on top? lol
He was very appreciative of all his presents and he loved them all! Granted he pretty much picked out his presents. lol He got five little cars, a mega blocks fire truck with extra blocks, and a hammer. Grandma and Grandpa Burke got him a plastic feeding bib, Christmas bib (that he is wearing), pjs, and a tickle me Elmo (he is really into Sesame street right now).
I am not sure why he was holding the foot of his new pjs in his fingers lol

He was very patient as i took out the little cars from the was actually quite difficult!

Davin did a great job for Christmas for me. He got me these brown dress shoes, a shelf, some cute sayings to go on the shelf, a twilight book, and a jewelry box. What a wonderful husband!

I got Davin a tool belt, sweat bands, clamp set, and a carpenters square. He seemed to really like them all. ;-)
Later that morning we Skyped my parents and Preston showed them all his new toys.
He was unsure what to think of them on the computer. He recognized the voices and would look on the computer screen. We hadn't Skyped in a while. lol

Later that day we had Seth, Megan, Scarlett, Phil, Sierra, and Holly over for Christmas Day dinner. I made a spiral honey ham (which turned out really quite good) and tried to make cheesy potatoes. Sadly the cheesy potatoes didn't turn out too well. My mom makes them in her microwave but my microwave was too small to fit the pan in. Ah! I had a minor break down and then just put them in the oven but apparently not long enough. Sad day! Then Seth and Megan brought the rolls and Phil and Sierra brought the green bean casserole. Everything else was good besides the cheesy potatoes that were somewhat crunchy and liquidy. lol Of course we played some games and had a great time together! Over all a great Christmas this year!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Preston learned to walk!!

We were getting Preston to walk with encouragement, such as fruit snacks or a toy he wanted, the middle of November after meeting with a physical therapist. We were pretty excited about everything we learned from the physical therapist. Shortly after we got back to Utah Preston started walking without encouragement. I think Preston being around all the cousins made him want to walk more than ever.
one on the left is Preston's first long walk alone. The one on the right is one of the first attempts at walking alone. Both taken on a cell i never have the camera out fast enough!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Very sick baby!!

So I guess Preston had gotten some sort of sickness being around so many different people. The night before Amy's wedding Preston just cried and kept waking up. We didn't sleep pretty much at all from that night on. He had to sleep in bed with us. He was miserable and so were we. On Monday after we dropped Davin off at the airport we came back to my parents house and Preston finally spiked a fever, stopped eating, and his eyes got all gooey...yuck. It was time to take him to the urgent care. We found out that he had an ear infection in his right ear and an eye infection. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic for his ear, some drops for his eyes and a decongestant.

This picture is after we gave him a bath to help with the fever and clean off his eyes. My parents were so funny all concerned for Preston. My dad cleaned out the spray bottle and was spraying Preston with cool water while Preston was in the tub to try and help with his fever. I love my parents and was so glad that they were there to help me since Davin was gone!! After that we gave him his meds and hoped for a better tomorrow.
Preston loved rearranging my parents furniture!

Then Preston and I had to fly back to Utah Wednesday evening. I wanted a repeat of our flight to Michigan so i asked the lady at the gate if we could be by some empty seats for more room. The mean lady said that the flight was full and i told her that she needed to add Preston as a lap child to the flight log. After that I noticed that when i changed Preston's diaper in the airport bathroom I noticed that he had a bunch of spots all over his belly. strange.
When I got on the plane our seat was right next to a man and his 5 month old son. The flight attendant had him move because 2 lap children are not allowed to sit right next to each other and should never be sat next to each other. Apparently the mean gate lady must not have added Preston as my lap child. Also when the guy and his son had to move i noticed that no one replaced the man so we were right next to a free seat and when i looked forward there were 2 more empty seats....meaning that the mean gate lady lied about there being no empty seats on the plane. However all of her meanness did get us a free seat right next to us which wasn't so terrible ;-P
Preston fell asleep right before take off and slept for about 2 hours before i felt his forehead and noticed he felt like he was on fire!! Thankfully the flight attendants were just finishing up giving out drinks and snacks. I decided that once they were done i would ask for a thermometer. However after sitting there for a few minutes i decided to start taking off some of his clothes because he clearly had a temperature. I noticed that he wasn't really moving and i couldn't get him to wake up. I quickly walked to where the flight attendance were and asked for a thermometer. Once i got it under his arm it kept going up and up and up until it reached 103.9. At that point i just decided i couldn't wait to see how much higher it was going to go, I just knew i needed to take off all of his clothes and cool him down. A couple flight attendants filled bags of ice and put them on him. He still didn't move even with the ice on him for a couple minutes then he opened his eyes and started shaking. We gave him some Advil as well. One of the flight attendants called the captain and told him that there was a baby on board with a temperature over 103. Apparently the captain told her to turn on the air and blowers in the back because she made an announcement that there was a very sick baby and that they needed to turn on the air and blowers in the back to help him cool down. Shortly after that the flight attendant asked if I wanted her to ask if there were any nurses or doctors on board. I said yes because i was really freaked out about how Preston was acting and by his REALLY high fever. She made the announcement and at first a cardiac nurse came who said she didn't really know much about children or how to help. Shortly after that a young man came back looking like a dear in head lights. He said that he was an intern and proceeded to ask questions and examine Preston...very nervously. He concluded that Preston didn't have pneumonia and that all his vitals were stable. He just advised us to keep him drinking because he was dehydrated and to see our doctor right away in the morning. It took about 20 mins for his temperature to get under 100 and then he started eating and doing well enough for us to go back to our seats. The flight attendant made an announcement saying that the sick baby's temperature is under 100 and he is eating cheerios. It was super funny cause some people clapped. Preston screamed the whole descent to the ground. It was horrible cause nothing I did could soothe him. Needless to say when Davin picked us up and asked me how the flight was i bawled. Seriously though things like this never happen except in movies! It was crazy!
Obviously the next day we took Preston into our pediatrician. Our doctor said that both of Preston's ears had ear infections so bad that his ears almost ruptured....he said they were the worse he had ever seen!! I learned that the antibiotics the doctor in Michigan prescribed does nothing for ear infections and that the decongestant Preston had should not be given to children under 3....after i was told all of this i wondered if the urgent care doctor we went to even had a license to practice medicine. Needless to say we were given a strong antibiotic that is meant for ear infections and were told to come in again in 5 days to make sure his ears are improving. We also learned that Preston's spots that had now spread to his entire body were from a virus and would go away on their own. These are pictures of his spots. lol poor kid!

After five days we went in and his ears were improving but not as good as he wanted them too be and that his right ear was not getting better as quickly as his left ear was. The doctor had us keep Preston on the antibiotics a little longer. About a week after that it was Preston's hearing retest. His hearing wasn't terrible but definitely muffled because he still had a lot of fluid in his right ear. The ear, nose, throat doctor said that he didn't have an infection but that his ear wasn't draining fluid properly and that he recommended we put tubes in his ears to help them drain properly and hear more clearly. I also had the ENT check Preston's mouth and see if there was anything abnormal to explain his excessive drooling. The ENT informed me that Preston was tongue tied!! I was pretty mad because when the nurses checked him after he was born i was told that he wasn't tongue tied!! Anyways the ENT said that he could clip his tongue when he put in the tubes and get everything done at once. Although he couldn't guarantee that Preston would stop drooling he did say that it would help him speak more clearly (when he does start speaking) and help him to not choke so much on his food. We decided to go ahead with the surgery and scheduled it for January 7th 2010.