Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Buncha Random pictures of the kids in July

Preston being Preston...wearing everything he thinks is cool...notice the one slipper?  ;-P  He is such a busy boy!

Claire will randomly fall asleep while holding her feet. silly girl

She loves to stand up!  

Preston getting the reward for helping me make cheesecake haha

Preston took apart and then reassembled his BLT...silly guy

Preston wanted Claire to sit in his water toy....couldn't tell ya why

She loves the exersaucer

Preston showing Claire how it is done

I blow dry Claire's hair...helps it from getting greasy as fast....she loves her spa treatment...lol

Claire loves her big bro...he makes her laugh and cry...thankfully there are a lot more laughing/smiling moments than crying ;-)
crazy squealing baby!
growing up so fast!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekend of Weddings!

The day and day after of Preston's 3rd Birthday we had 2 different friends get married in 2 different states haha What jerks! ;-P on Friday we drove up to Rexburg, Idaho to see my good friend from Michigan Sarah Hill become Sarah Rosendahl!  Yay.  We went to a luncheon just before the sealing in the Rexburg Temple.  It was an absolutely beautiful day with such a beautiful bride! We couldn't stay very long in Rexburg because we had to drive back to Provo, Utah that same day so we could make it to our other friends wedding in Utah the next day.  It was a mad rush to get there and a mad rush home but the kids did great in the car.  Preston loves riding in the car.  He gets to see all the other cars and whatever else he finds interesting (which is a lot).  Claire had a good time watching Preston act silly and make her laugh. On the way back from Idaho Preston was looking for a choo choo that should be on the choo choo tracks...for all are sakes we were glad he finally saw one lol.

We stopped at a gas station to feed Claire so Davin took Preston for a walk around.  I took the pictures while feeding Claire...I am soo talented ;-P Idaho is quite beautiful!

While I went into the temple Davin stayed out with our  restless children  haha What a great husband! He took all these pictures of the temple.  The sky was stunningly blue!

This is a field right in front of the temple, just gorgeous with the blue sky and  fluffy clouds.  

we took a few pictures outside the temple...the kids had just had it by this time haha hungry and sleepy!

While we were in Rexburg we visited my cousin Dave briefly and Preston got a ride on his four wheeler.  Preston was also in hog heaven in his garage with all the 'moe moes', he was 'fixin' things and havin fun. 

He was a little nervous at first but he really enjoyed it.

nice face Davin lol

Preston wanted to sit on all the ATVs  haha

 On Saturday we went to Robbie and Angie's wedding and then reception later that night.  

blah I look so chubby and yucky but I decided that I can't just not have any pictures of myself til i finish getting into shape/losing weight cause it may take a while lol  I felt like I looked go that day too. oh well ;-)

It was a beautiful reception under the stars with such a happy couple!