Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Claire is 5 months with a sick lil tummy ;-(

4 days after we started Claire on rice cereal (just days after she turned 4 months) she started having the diarrhea poo for every poopy diaper (too much information, i know lol) I thought she just had a stomach bug and gave her some pidialyte for a week but nothing changed.  I called the doctors office and they told me to just keep her hydrated which I had been doing.  A week later I called again and they told me to put her on a probiotic called cultraelle and stop giving her rice cereal.  About 5 days after we started her on the cultraelle was when we went on our 2 day vacation that she just had poo bums all the time probably every hour and got a horrible diaper rash too ;-(  
I finally couldn't take it anymore and took her in to the doctor.  Poor Claire even started to thin out a little bit (good thing she had plenty of reserves lol ) The doctor looked her over and said she should be tested for celiac disease which a few of my family members do have.  The doctor also wanted a stool sample (ha!) to test for a wide variety of stomach bugs and see if she needed an antibiotic.  So they had to draw her blood for the celiac test (blood from both arms) so sad but she did well.  She appears to not have celiac (phew!)  The crazy part was that her stool sample (getting the stool sample was quite tricky having to use plastic wrap and a urine collection bag lol) came back negative for everything.  The doctor prescribed a special antibiotic for the bowel that had to be specially mixed.  She has to have it 4 times a day for 7 days.  Tomorrow is the 7th day and so far it has made it so she only has one to two diarrhea poos a day but she still isn't pooin normally ;-(  I sure hope when this medicine is done she goes back to normal somehow.  If not she will have to see a specialist.  I just can't wrap my brain around taking Claire to see a specialist but I just won't think about that until the time comes.  

Other than all that Claire is doing well!! 
(so well that I forgot about taking her 5 month picture for a week)

She loves to smile.
She loves being held in the standing position or hanging out in the exersauser. 
She loves to squeal in excitement and joy...very loudly!
She loves it when people make her laugh, especially Preston lol!
She can sit up for a lil while now with a boppy behind her. 
She can hold her own bottle while being held or layin on the ground. 
She loves to TRY to suck on her thumb...we pull it out quickly and shove the binkie in haha (you can take away a binkie when the time comes but you just can't get rid of a thumb on a thumb sucker haha ;-P )

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