Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving in Iowa! Reception in Michigan!

This was my dad at the hospital in Iowa City when we went to visit him. He was sore after the heart cath. but doing very well! woohoo!! He was released shortly after 1 on thanksgiving so my parents didn't make it to thanksgiving dinner but they made it in plenty of time to visit. Sadly my dad had a temperature when the hospital went to release him so he was on antibiotics. The doctors weren't too sure what it was.
Thanksgiving!! We all had a great time! I haven't been to an Oesterle's thanksgiving in 3 years I loved getting to see everyone! The food was always!! ;-) Preston had a great time following all the cousins around and playing!

Games and snacks...couldn't ask for more!!
Preston with his great grandpa!!

This is us at Amy's reception in Michigan we left on black Friday. Everyone set up Saturday morning for the reception Saturday evening. Preston and I had to hold down the fort at my parents house because Preston would have gotten into everything. My dad had to go to the urgent care that morning because we thought he had pneumonia which he did end up having so my dad stayed home with Preston and I while everyone else slaved away ;-P Wasn't so bad if you ask me. ;-)
Daddy daughter dance!! Amy looked amazing...and I guess Jake didn't look too bad either. j/k lol

Preston wishing he could walk and chase Elise's boys Wil and Cooper during the reception.
Megan, Scarlett, Preston and Davin having a good time!! ;-)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Amy's bachelorette party and wedding in Illinois

Sunday the 21st of November (yes that is the day right after Davin and Jake flew in) Amy, Jake, Davin, Preston, and I hit the road to Nauvoo, Illinois after picking up the tuxes. It was about a 9 hour drive from my parents house to Nauvoo, Illinois for Amy's wedding on the 23rd. Yikes!! However Preston only got sad the last hour of the trip....he was just voicing the way we all felt that last

This was at the only restaurant in town for Amy's "bachelorette" worries...nothing to risqué or anything we just wore fake eye glasses, noses and paper mustaches. The people at the small restaurant thought we were exceptionally cool.....LoL. We also played apples to apples and ate cake....MMmmmm!! ;-) It was really fun.
Amy trying out her wedding day....

Amy and Jake were successfully married and looking fabulous!! Shortly after family pictures when Seth, Megan, Scarlett, Davin, me, Preston and my dad were in the hotel room packing up my dad collapsed and we had to call an ambulance. He was taken to a small hospital in Iowa (about 30 mins from Nauvoo, Illinois.) my mom had to be called out from Amy and Jake's photo shoot to go with my dad. The whole experience was very scary.
This was us at the Dinner Jake's family put on a few hours after the wedding and my dad going to the hospital. My mom and dad couldn't come because they were at the hospital. Seth, Megan, and Scarlett came late because they had gone to the hospital as well. The dinner was very nice.

Preston loves his Auntie Amy!
Amy wore a huge bag thing that was decorated to keep her dress from getting dirty.

We sat with Elise and her 2 boys for dinner. lol Cooper didn't want to smile and Preston just wanted to eat!
Shortly after dinner we found out that my dad had to be transferred to the bigger hospital with the capabilities for a heart cath. in Iowa City, Iowa. Megan's parents live in Iowa city so we decided to pack up shop and go stay at Megan's parents house which was not too far from the hospital my dad was being transferred too. Megan and Scarlett got a ride from Megan's sister Alicia to their parent's house. Seth, Preston, Davin and I stopped by the smaller hospital before my dad was transferred so Davin and Seth could give him a blessing. My dad was in somewhat stable condition and it was nice to see him talking and in good spirits after the initial incident which had really made me nervous.

That Wednesday we just hung out at Megan's parents and visited my parents at the hospital. We found out during our visit to the hospital that my dad would most likely be released on thanksgiving because his heart looked good during the heart cath. so it wasn't another heart attack. With that news we decided to pack up shop again and drive to Waterloo, Iowa (only about 11/2 hours away) to stay the night before Thanksgiving at my grandparents house with all the extended family! ;-)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

back to Michigan and Amy's wedding shower!

Preston and I flew into Michigan on Wednesday 11/17/2010 all by ourselves for Amy's upcoming wedding. Davin was flying in a few days later (because of school) on the 20th. It was the first time that I have ever flown alone....well alone except for Preston. I was really nervous but the flight was great! We got an entire row to ourselves thanks to the flight attendant lady!! Preston had plenty of room to play and he did sleep for a while too. I couldn't figure out why i was so nervous in the first place! ;-)
Once we landed it was non stop wedding prep and shopping craziness! lol I didn't really even have time to miss Davin since this was the first time we spent a entire night without each other since being married!!

When we got to my parents my mom couldn't find Preston's feeding bib so she just put a garbage bag around him. ;-P Poor kid! Actually i think he liked it better than the normal bib. lol
He loved playing with my dad's get well balloons. (my dad had just had a heart attack 2 weeks prior)
Woohoo!! On to my sister's bridal shower 11/19/10. This was the yummy food!! Elise hosted the party and lots of others helped as well.
Preston wanted in on the action. Amy was as happy as can be!!
All of the presents! Amy had a great turn out also it was very fun! We played a few games...this picture was taken during bridal shower bingo!!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Davin has been playing intramural flag football every fall at BYU but this is the first year i remembered my camera at one of the

Davin plays quarterback and is amazing.....No really he is good. ;-)

Preston and I are his biggest fans! We went to every game. ;-)