Friday, August 24, 2012

Bowling! Maybe not...

We tried to go mini golfing at the Orem Trafalga black light golf course.  We thought Preston wouldn't last long but he didn't last one hole before he just took off looking at everything.  The craziest part was that he couldn't really see and kept tripping on everything.  bad idea! haha Maybe next year since we were there for a total of 15 mins. ;-P  It was our last (kinda) fun thing we did before the end of summer. ;-)
Can you see Claire?
running around
Carrying his glow in the dark golf ball
Preston couldn't figure out why we were using clubs when you could just simply pick up the ball and put it in the hole lol

after Preston threw his ball into the water...he wanted to get in the water to get it

obviously going the wrong direction haha

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