Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Preston's first day of Preschool

Preston's first day of preschool!  It is a special ed preschool in the Provo school district called Sunrise Preschool.  The school is brand new and Preston already loves the playground because we have taken him to play there this past year. He is scheduled to go Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 8:55 to 11:25am.  They actually have the preschoolers ride the special ed bus.  We haven't decided if we are going to have him ride the bus yet so I opted to drive him.  
Preston was a little nervous when we were getting ready so early in the morning and I was packing his backpack.  He knew something was up but didn't know what.  I let him pick out which bib he wanted to wear and he chose the bright orange one. haha silly guy!  When i went to drop him off in the lobby there were a ton of people parents/teachers/aids/kids...craziness!  Preston was just clinging to my leg.  When an aide came over to take Preston to class he wouldn't let go of me.  I told the aide that I would just walk him to class. As soon as we got to his classroom he started to calm down because there were only 4 other kids in the class, an aide, and the teacher.  He put his backpack in his cubby and was off roaming the classroom.  I told him that Claire and I were leaving but would be back soon.  He seemed fine til we walked all the way out the door then he tried to follow and started to cry.  I kept walking because I didn't see the point in comforting him just to leave again.  I teared up a little bit after that. I did not expect Preston to cry because he never cries when we leave him with babysitters even when he doesn't know them well.  surprise surprise!  When i picked him up he seemed a bit timid but Ms. Deby said he did well and only cried for a min when we left and then was fine.  yay! First day was a success! ;-)  
When we went to leave I noticed a lady close to our car whose car needed a jump.  I had jumper cables so I told her I could jump her car.  Poor lady was freaking out a little bit because she went to put the jumper cables on and put the negative on the positive and melted a small part on the jumper cable.  She said that she would pay me for them.  I felt bad that she felt so bad! They were hardly melted  at all cause she noticed right away and still work just fine.  I told her not to worry about it.  Oh and her car started!  Hurray!  Good deed for the day!  ;-)

Preston still couldn't figure out what was going on and was still a bit nervous.
spinning around
Showing me his backpack that we got him for his birthday.  He loves it!
putting his backpack in his cubby with his teacher Ms. Deby.  He doesn't have to share a cubby because  he doesn't just go Tuesday Thursday or Monday Wednesday like the majority of kids. Instead he goes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday because they decided he needed an extra day since he is really behind especially in speech.
wandering the room
realizing Claire and I are actually leaving.  He was sad. poor guy!
When Preston got home he promptly removed his name tag and stuck it on Claire...haha He is such a nice brother to share that with her lol

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