Monday, March 29, 2010

Preston's first time at the park among other things...

Starting in march Preston's teething goes to a whole new level! He chews on EVERYTHING no matter how big it is...such as the baby wipe box. We no longer can keep it on the changing table. LoL
The first beautiful day was 3/16 we took full advantage of it. Davin and i decided to take a walk to the park with Preston. I think we were having more fun then he was. He didn't mind the swing but he sure had a firm grip on it!

He loved running his hands over the grass.

He had soo much fun that he fell asleep on the walk home. lol i love this picture! it looks like he is posing but he has just fallen asleep like this. ;-P

Yes guys the rumor is true he is finally getting hair!! Although his hair is soo blond it is still hard to i did a close up shot of his precious strands...hopefully more to come LoL

Of all the toys he has he prefers empty water bottles. I think it makes him feel so strong when he crushes it in his hands...shows it doesn't take much to make our little guy happy! ;-)

I went to get ready for the day and when i came back this is how i found him. Apparently being under the play mat is just soo much more fun then actually playing on it.

Sadly the end of march Preston started shaking his head side to side which we thought was so cool until we found out that he was shaking his head because he had an ear infection! The first one of his life! I felt so bad for him. Then 3 days later on March 27Th(the day Preston turned 8 months) Preston got his first 2 teeth! He was such a miserable little boy with an ear infection and 2 teeth coming thru. His first 2 teeth were his front bottom 2. Woohoo! We were happy that all his drooling finally led to some teeth!
Also during the doctor visit for his ear infection the doctor recommended we go get an xray of his scull because the doctor thought the sutures on the top of his head (which all babies have as the scull is growing)may have closed prematurely. To our relief the xray just showed that the sutures were close to closing but were still open. If they were closed he would need surgery to fix it. Which would have been so scary! Thankfully Preston didn't need surgery!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Preston's cousin is here!!

Seth and Megan had their beautiful baby girl Scarlett O'linda Burke on 3-3-2010. This is Preston's first cousin on the Burke side. They are only 7 months apart but look how huge Preston looks compared to the newborn Scarlett!

They are going to be best friends!! ;-)

Such a little sweetie