Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Preston's 1st Birthday cont.

These are the pictures in the water from Preston's birthday that Jake took with his waterproof camera.
Get it Preston!

He got it! lol Amy and Preston!

Jake and Preston...happy Birthday boy!

what a big boy!

I cannot remember what we were all doing in this picture....

Davin, me, and Preston

Splash Splash...he really did love it!

This huge bucket of water just poured on them...i was scared for Preston but he smiled and seemed to like it.

Preston would walk until it got to his tummy and then he would just pull up his legs and float...silly kid.

It was so sad not having more family from out east here for Preston's birthday but it was awesome having some siblings and great friends. I don't think i got a picture with everyone (i was not thinking) so i just want to write down everyone who was there...Amy and Jake, Seth and Megan and Scarlett, Heather and her four kids, Ryan, Trenton, Katelynn, and Isac, Stephen and Ali, Robbie, and Jason (Bean). Thanks for coming! It was a fun time.
I cannot believe that my baby is a year old! This year has gone by so fast! We love being Preston's parents. He is such a sweet boy with a very laid back personality. He is such a joy and is getting such a sense of humor. He loves to try and make you laugh and to dance...well it is more like a bounce but he does bounce to the music! On his birthday he is still working on crawling on his hands and knees as well as walking but he can walk while holding onto objects...walls, chairs, couches, tables...and he does his really funny army crawl. He says mama when he is really upset. lol But no real words yet. Love you Preston! Happy Birthday!

A 3rd Holiday in Utah? Preston's 1st Birthday!!!

Soo these pictures are pretty much out of order. Sorry.
For Preston's Birthday my little sister Amy and her fiancé Jake came down from idaho to stay! Preston was so happy! For Preston's birthday here is what happened...
Amy and Jake came in the morning and helped us decorate and made us Breakfast! Yum!
We did clay molds of Preston's hand and Foot!
Than we went to the water park!
Preston went to bed...we ate lunch and did the same...lol
Preston's Party!
Woohoo! It was a fun day and he seemed to love it! At least i hope he did!

This is Preston days later...still lovin his balloons!

He would drag them everywhere with him

I was getting a little concerned with how much he loved them! lol It was just so funny watching him drag them around and play with them.
The clay molds! Preston couldn't figure out why we were having so much fun.

Preston loved having his Auntie Amy to play with...he also loved playing with Jake!

Preston had to wear his swim diaper and rubber pants and swim trunks...phew! Poor guy could barley even crawl lol

Layin out after playin in the water!
Davin and Preston were matching...not on purpose or anything...ok maybe it was...;-P

Opening presents!
Before opening Presents!

After they were all open! Look at all those cool toys!
singing to Preston...he got his own little cake to dig into.

This was his cake...we couldn't figure out what theme to do so we just went with curious George...it was cute and tasted pretty good!
Preston really didn't dig into it at first, it took him a little while. He didn't really eat it either...what a dork!

Preston playing with the spoons and forks i got him. He is in his diaper because i had to just give him a bath after his cake lol it got everywhere!

Tired baby after a long eventful day! Love him so much!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Swimming and Pioneer Day!

Towards the end of July Preston started pointing....at everything!

I think it is so cute!
We took Preston swimming for the first time in my friends apartment complex pool. He didn't really like the cool water at first but once he got used to it he loved it! Oh and by the way...i love this picture of my boys in their swim trunks!

No fear!

He loved kickin in the water!

haha he was soo tired after a couple hours in the pool! Poor little guy! Also he started sleeping on his stomach with his butt in the air! soo funny!

We took Preston to the fair in Spanish fork with friend's of ours Linzee and Brandon and their cute little kids Brielle and Boston. Boston is only about 6 weeks younger than Preston and they are super cute together! This was Preston's first carousel ride...he loved it! Preston held on with a big smile on his face! --sadly this picture isn't very good cause it was with my phone...forgot my camera! don't you hate that? ;-P
So Utah has 2 holidays in July...the 4th and the 24th. July 24th is Pioneer day! A celebration of the pioneers that came and settled Utah. It was way fun! There were so many cool things to see at the local park and of course i forgot the camera so this is the best i could do with a camera phone. So this is a picture of Preston on a little pony that was there. Of course he loved it! lol or maybe just i did!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Parents visit in July and Preston's 1st Hair cut!

My parents came for a visit for a little while on the 5th of July i believe. They drove from Iowa where there was a party on the 3rd of July for my Grandpa Oesterle's 80th birthday! Sadly we were not able to go but Seth and Megan and their baby Scarlett were able to fly to Chicago and catch a ride with my parents. My parents drove Seth back to Utah while Megan and baby Scarlett stayed in Iowa so they could visit with her family and then they flew home back to Utah a week or 2 later. We had a great time with my parents and my brother. It was sad that Scarlett and Megan were still out of town but it was still fun for the few days my parents were visiting.

We played pool at the BYU rec room. Davin, my mom, and myself were quite terrible but my dad was awesome! Well actually if i had to rank us all it would be my dad, Davin, me, and then my mom...lol but don't tell her i said that.

Yes Preston came along...also there was some strange guy just observing us in the back ground...hopefully he was really just waiting for someone or just lonely cause he would laugh randomly with us sometimes lol
Preston was trying to help...but to no avail

Davin and Preston pretty much have the same face!

Preston loved having my parents sit by him in the back seat! Although it was kinda crowded in our small little Saturn ion

My dad kept on trying to get Preston to walk counter clockwise around the table cause for some reason he always wanted to walk clockwise. weird...i know!

We went to visit the utah volcano! lol jk It is actually a huge open pit copper mine but in this picture it totally looks like a volcano...at least i think so.

The side of it...it was a beautiful day!
Huge dump truck tire!
It was scary how far down it goes! yikes!
Preston loved these foam little animals my parents got for him! He would actually carry them all in his mouth and hands! He is so appreciative of the things people give him. lol

My mom trimmed up Preston's hair for the first time. He couldn't really figure out what was going on but he just let it happen...no crying or anything. Good boy!

ahh! then Preston lost his ear! lol jk

We drove up the canyon on my parent's last day here and had a BBQ with Seth's new grill and some other yummy food! I also decided that i need to take some more pictures of the beautiful mountains in Utah!

Set up the pack and play for Preston...he just wanted to chew on the sides of it though.

Seth's friend James and his wife Carrie and their dog came for a little bit. Preston Loved their dog...he loves animals!
Drive to the canyon park! Can you say mountains everywhere? It was a gorgeous day!

Walking along the path in the canyon.

So sad when they left but we did have a fun time! Preston loved seeing his Grandma and Grandpa Burke!

Preston liked to follow that cup around and around the coffee table...good exercise i guess haha!