Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Preston is finally trying to crawl! also 9 month check up!

It was so funny that the night my parents left Preston decided that he wanted to get mobile. I walked out of the room and when i came back i looked for him where all his toys were (where i had left him) but he was gone. i quickly turned to see Preston all the way under the did he do that? we found out it was by rolling repeatedly and kicking and hard work to chew on the chair leg! So at 9 months he is still not crawling but he is getting there. He will now stay on his stomach all by himself and rotate around and try to "army" crawl. We are fine with him not crawling because then we would be chasing him everywhere! ;-P

Ok so his feet look a little is because his feet aren't in the little feet things....they don't reach yet ;-P However his body is plenty long enough for the 18 month pj's!

Right now Preston loves watching baby Einstein shows and eating his socks. LoL!

Preston is finally wanting to hold his bottle! He likes to hold a toy at the same time! He is quite the multitasker!

Preston likes to hold the bouncer while Scarlett is in least he isn't pulling her hair! Overall he has been pretty good with Scarlett being here. I like having another girl around too.

Alright so now for his 9 month stats....
Height: 29 1/2 inches tall 80th percentile
Weight: 21.9 lbs 60th percentile
Head: 50th percentile

He is slowing down a little bit which is surprising but he is still quite tall. According to the doctor he is strong and healthy. Also his head looks better so the doctor isn't going to have us do another x ray he thinks his skull is leveling out and will be fine! Woohoo!! ;-)

Parents visit! Seth's graduation and Scarlett's blessing.

So my dad ended up with pneumonia the beginning of April and was in the hospital all the way up until a week and a half before my parents were planning to fly to Utah for Seth's graduation and for his little girl Scarlett's blessing. Thankfully my dad was feeling well enough to fly out to utah! Woohoo. They flew in Late Thursday night.

This is a picture of us waiting for seth to walk the next day (friday). Preston's face looks so funny!

Preston did pretty well sitting for almost 3 hours granted he did sleep for an hour or so of that in grandpa Burke's arms. Although as this picture indicates he wanted the camera!!

In the confusion of the huge crowd we got lost and couldn't find them for pictures but this is a picture of seth, megan, and there little cutie Scarlett with my parents. Woohoo a BYU grad!

Amy and her fiance Jake even came down to utah from idaho for the second weekend in a row to visit with everyone! I got to go dress shopping with my mom and amy for her wedding dress Saturday. It was a lot of fun and she found "the dress". It is beautiful and she looks great!! Love ya sis!

That Sunday Scarlett was blessed. This is a picture of all of us in front of Megan's grandparents house. As you can tell it was very sunny that day!

Preston spit up all over his dress clothes so i had to change him. My dad was carrying Preston around and he fell asleep with his 2 fingers in his mouth. love it!!
Also for the blessing my aunt Wilodene and my 2 cousins and their kids came from my dad's side of the family. It was way nice that they could make it!

The last night my parents were in town (Tuesday) we went bowling. It was so fun. The competition was boys vs girls.....sadly the girls lost. ;-P

Seth and Megan. Little Scarlett slept in her carrier. What a good little girl!

My dad even bowled! We kept saying that he shouldn't bowl because it would make him too tired but he did just fine for the one game up until the last frame. He is a really good bowler....sadly i did not get this

Preston was not having as much fun as we were....poor guy!

After bowling we went to subzero for ice cream. It was pretty good actually. Preston just wanted to eat the napkins...he did enjoy that. ;-)

Sadly the day came when they had to leave. It was so nice having my parents here! It was a very busy weekend and it was over before we knew it! Preston was very sad the day they left too cause that night (Wednesday) was when he started teething big time!! Yuck!! Wish we lived closer! One day... lol hopefully!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sister and cousins come for a weekend visit!

My cousin Todd and his wife Catie came down from Idaho for a weekend visit! It was really fun getting to see them since we haven't seen them since their wedding last August. ;-P Sad but true. My sister, her fiancee Jake, his brother Andy and his girlfriend Jen came down to visit after flying in from a vacation to Florida where Jake proposed. So the whole lot of us including Seth, Megan, baby Scarlett, Todd, Catie, me and Preston (Davin was working) went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It was very busy and lots of new sounds for Preston. It was his first time not being in his baby car seat in a restaurant. He was in the restaurant high chair. He did well but he was reaching out to people as they walked by and was staring at the lights. He wanted everything on the table! I had never seen him like that but i had to remember it was a whole new experience for him! I gave him some of my mashed potatoes and pieces of a roll. ( he liked that a lot) Overall it was a fun time. I only got some pictures of seth, megan, scarlett, catie, todd, and preston at the park. Too bad i forgot my camera the rest of the time. It was a great weekend visiting with everyone! Also the weather was wonderful for hanging out at the park!

Preston loved being in the park and watching the other people and ducks. Oh and of course watching Todd and Catie. Preston loved showing Todd and Catie his toys.

Catie, Todd and Preston. It was a beautiful weekend!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Started baby sitting Scarlett!

On April 13th Megan went back to work and they had asked me if i would baby sit Scarlett a couple days a week. I was more then happy to watch the little cutie! I am happy that Preston will have a playmate...well once Scarlett is a little older ;-)

At first they just ignored each other.

Then they would just look at each other. lol

Then as the day wore on Preston became more interested in Scarlett. He really wanted to pull her hair lol

The first day i had to take Davin into school and man is it hard getting 2 babies in our car and back out again! ;-P Also since now Preston is in a convertible car seat because he out grew his baby seat! We got him into his new car seat on 4/12 he almost made it to 9 months in his baby seat....haha a lot longer then we thought. ;-P

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Well our Easter Sunday was very relaxing. We didn't go anywhere. We just hung out at home and watched general conference on TV. (twice a year my church has church on TV) Davin made Chili. We had fun showing Preston the Easter Baskets (yes we still made up an Easter basket for Preston even though he couldn't eat anything in the basket lol we sure did!).

I just thought this picture was way funny. He really liked going after the eggs!

Thank you walmart for collapsible Easter easy to store! Last year we just threw the baskets away due to lack of space! Oh the joys of living in an apartment!

Which egg do you want to get? Preston didn't seem to mind that we didn't go anywhere or do much of anything. He was happy with spending all day with his parents. ;-P I am sure he will not like it when he is older but for now he loves spending all day with his parents! ;-)