Thursday, June 10, 2010

a tribute and some fun in June

Our June went by way too quick with everything that had happened. The beginning of June we sadly got the news that we have been dreading for the last couple years...that Davin's mother Bobbie Jarvinen had passed away. Her health had been failing her since we had gotten married and knowing that she is no longer suffering helps. However, Bobbie can never be replaced and she is missed by so many. She was a wonderful woman and person in general. She was always so up beat and never passed judgment on others. I am so sad that my children will never get to personally know their Grandma Jarvinen, but i hope with all of the stories we will tell of her they will almost feel like that know her. I still remember the first time i went over for dinner and it was so funny because she was pouring water into someone else's glass and she knocked over my glass all over me. I laughed but she felt so bad about it...she said, "don't worry this does not reflect the way i feel about you." lol She was so funny and always wanted to make people happy and feel welcome....and she did! I could not of asked for a better matter how short of a time she was in my life. She is missed very much in our household, that is for sure!
After we heard the news of her passing the very next day we had to jump in the car and drive 28 hours straight in order to make it by Friday for the viewing. We were absolute exhausted. My mom helped out with all the funeral arrangements because well it was left up to Bob (my father in law) and some of the brothers...and you know how guys are with making decisions. Anyways the viewing and funeral turned out very nice and i am sure Bobbie would have been proud at how well the boys put it all together. Jeremy made a very nice memory video that was shown at the viewing and the funeral. It was nice to be able to remember the good times with the family and friends. I learned some new things about the Jarvinens as well. It was nice to see everyone and be in Michigan but it was sad for the reason behind it. Bobbie was buried in a lovely little county cemetery less than a mile from my house. My kids will know that place and we will for sure tell stories about her. Love and miss you Bobbie!

So i could not figure out how to move the pictures so here is the after picture of a coffee table that we bought off the the classifieds on KSL. We bought the coffee table and end table together...sanded and painted them...good as new...right? lol We also bought a walker off of KSL for Preston but Preston liked walking around the coffee table more than walking in the walker...go figure!

Yes i went to the new Twilight movie Eclipse on opening night! SOoo fun! Although i was quite tired staying up that late...i am so a mom now lol. Just in case you were wondering we did not buy those T-shirts we made them...crazy i know...they are just so awesome! ;-P

Davin thought it was so funny when Preston started putting his thumb into his binkie and it gets stuck there till we pull it off pretty much.
Happy Baby and yes he is still drooling!

Preston starting to eat more and more food...this used to be corn bread...don't know what happened...

Preston tried to make some sort of fort i guess...

lol love him!
This is what i saw at first...i thought he had got hurt or stuck or something but he was happy as a clam!