Sunday, April 19, 2009

our first year of marriage.....

since i just decided to create this blog obviously you guys have all missed out on the more interesting stories of our first year together. I am not planning on going over every little thing that happened but maybe just the more interesting.

apartment.....the funny thing about our apartment is that we actually never got to see it before we moved in. You see in provo, ut married apartments are very difficult to get. We literally found this apartment about 5 days before we were to leave to be married. Davin just had to call the lady and tell her that we wanted it because we didn't really have any choice.
so when we moved in i was so sad because it was so run down and old. Thankfully Davin was able to keep me from crying and we moved in. We were able to make the place fairly acceptable with curtains, painting, cleaning and our own furniture.
this is our DI (good will) furniture that we bought and painted.

this is our coffee table or better known as the "coffin" table....great for Halloween ;-P

these are our nightstands they were this hideous orange stain color. but with some white paint they turned our pretty okay.

Davin and i pretty much just went to the movies, went out to eat and hung out with friends and family. Nothing really too exciting just enjoying each other's company with work and school thrown in there somewhere.
We actually made it a goal to go to all of the utah temples while we are living here. So here are the temple we have visited so far.....

we had the privilege of going to the manti temple with my old roommate and friend Emily before her mission to japan.

we also went to the mt. timpanogas temple (i am not sure if i spelt that right)

we visited the grounds of the st. george temple but did not go in.

and of course we went to the great salt lake temple. We also have gone to the provo temple many times. Great times and very peaceful.
so in July Davin and i went back to michigan for a week. We had made the arrangements so we could go to Davin's good friends wedding. But we had a good time visiting friends and family. My parents took us to cedar point (amusement park) which was way fun. All in all a very relaxing and fun vacation. But when we returned home and were walking up to our apartment door we could smell a horrible our horror the stench was coming from our apartment. Apparently in the hurry to unplug everything before we went on vacation i had shut off an extension cord.....which as it turns out Davin had plugged the refrigerator into that extension cord. Needless to say the stench was horrible. The temperature within the apartment was nearly 80 degrees and had cooked everything in the refrigerator and freezer...including some frozen meat. it was awful. Looking back on it it is pretty funny but at the time i almost wanted to cry....needless to say i cleaned the fridge and freezer nearly 5 times with multiple cleaning agents including straight bleach and to my disappointment the freezer still sorta smells. lol
Well that pretty much sums up our first year....oh well i suppose in November to our surprise we found out that i was pregnant. Davin and i decided to wait till Christmas to tell everyone. Thankfully we were able to travel back to Michigan and tell most of our family members including our parents in person about the baby. how we told my parents......
We bought a little baby onesie that said "i love grandma" and wrapped it for my mom and we got little baby booties for my dad to unwrap. We thought we were so clever. My mom figured it out right away but my dad was a little slow on the uptake lol. Needless to say our families were excited and have been a great support. We are excited and terrified at the same time to be parents haha. Apparently it was something that was meant to be and we couldn't be happier to be able to have a baby.
so that was our first year.....crazy how quickly our second year has started to fly by and soon we will have our little boy with us to share in our adventures and some of his own too.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well lets see...i wish i could say that we went some place really warm and tropical but i can't. We stayed in a hotel in Brighton, MI for a few nights and than we flew to las vegas (which is where we flew to Michigan from) on new years day. On new years day when we woke up there was more than a foot of snow covering everything. It was nuts how much snow we got. Of course this all happened after our wedding pictures. ;-P Luckily we were still able to fly to Vegas. We stayed in the hotel Luxor (the one that is like a pyramid). It was funny to be in Vegas because we don't drink or gamble. We still had a fun time seeing the other hotels and going to the i-max theater that had films in 3D WOW lol. We did enjoy the vacation from life. Just the 2 of us. After a few nights in vegas we had to drive back to provo.....back to life.

Funny story....

In Vegas everyone knows that there are a ton of people trying to sell things to tourists. Show tickets, meal tickets, you name it. Anyways it was starting to get really annoying having to listen to people. So we decided that the next person that says anything to us Davin was just going to start speaking Romanian to them. Surprise surprise....the next guy that approached us looked at Davin so funny when Davin started speaking Romanian that he just told us to enjoy Vegas and quickly walked away. We burst out laughing when we turned away from the vendors. It was great.

davin pretending to be gambling.....look at all that money in his pocket.......$1 lol

the big day!

first off our wedding day was on December 29th 2007 in Michigan = COLD! We decided to have the majority of our pictures taken the night before our wedding.

here is when he first saw me in my dress which was in my house......

That Friday it actually was snowing at our house in Howell (which i was so happy about) but we decided to drive up to the LDS temple in Detroit Michigan. Before we left for the hour drive we stopped at a church close to my parents house and had a few pictures taken in the snow.

sadly we only have a handful of snow pictures because when we got to Detroit there wasn't any snow. it was practically sleeting. I was freezing.........but here are some pictures.....

than it started sleeting big time so we took a bunch inside the waiting room....

The next day the wedding went wonderfully and i don't think there is anything i would have changed. It was very fun and it appeared that everyone else had a good time as well. There was only one incident......the cake. When (i believe it was my brother and sister in law) went to pick up our cake it turned out terrible so they decided to get our money back and just try and do something else. so when we arrived at our reception early we didn't have a cake. Which was the one thing Davin really wanted. But luckily my mom's friend who did most of the decorations worked with our florist and got a small white cake and made it beautiful. It was great that we had so many wonderful friends and family there to help out to make our day the best day they could.
davin got his cake....

before our reception we had a small ring ceremony for our close family members. during which my brother read something that my dad had written for me...i am hoping to find it and post it....

and i quote.....

To my Auber,
You have a song written just for you! A timeless classic just like you! Did you know the origin of your name is Old German, and has three meanings: Elf, Supernatural Being, and Power. I guess that means you are a Powerfully Magical Elf! Your middle name ‘Anna’ is the Latin version of the Hebrew name ‘Hannah’ which means ‘Gracious.’ So even though you are a really powerful magical Elf, you are also a kind and sensitive really powerful magical Elf!
Everyone knows the love of a mother for her daughter, and the love of a daughter for her mother, but I would like to make an attempt to put into words the love of a father for his daughter. As we are gathered together this day, a whole host of memories came back to me about you.
I remember the first few minutes of your birth, when a busy Med Tech zoomed into the room, seized your foot and poked a hole in your heel for her blood work. When you cried out when she did this, I was instantly overcome by an overpowering rage to kill her! I leapt out from behind the delivery bed and just barely stopped myself from beating her. She had no idea of how close she came to being flattened, and I had no idea that I could feel such an overpowering love for my little girl so quickly.
I remember you as my little brown-skinned Arizona girl, with clear blue eyes and blond hair, who loved to go swimming in the pool next door.
I remember you as my fast and strong little girl who played soccer and did precisely, exactly, what the coach told her to do.
I remember you as my teenager who loved horses so much she joined the Howell Equestrian Team with a loaner horse - which soon introduced her to a cute Arabian mare named Jeanette. I remember how you cared for and worked with Jeanette through summer and winter, rain and snow, sickness and health, and how difficult it was when you two parted.
I remember my college student girl who worked and studied, pondered and worried, tried this and that, wondering about what course her life was to take, and how to get herself there.
I remember the day Davin came over to our house for dinner, the smiles he created, the long conversations, and the tone of your voice - cautious yet curious.
And I remember how quickly you would answer his phone calls, and text messages. But mostly I remember that special look you had just for him, and the excitement in your voice as you told us all about normally boring things, that were suddenly wonderful things, for a certain two people to do. ‘Man is that he might have joy’ is an often-quoted scripture. It is true. And I am happy when you are happy. And it is very obvious that Davin makes you happy!
But with this I knew that my time with you was just about to end.
Auber, I knew you were my little girl months before you were born. I cherish the visions I have of you holding hands with your brother Seth on one side and your sister Amy on the other. How many parking lots did you walk through, together, you three?
It brings me great joy, and not without a smile, to remember the sounds of my children playing together, sometimes serious, and sometimes with laughter, in some far room.
And now the years have come and gone, and the things I can teach you have all been taught. But this thing I do know: if ever my big little girl, with her clear blue eyes, would ever need anything from her Dad, she would just have to ask. And all that I have, all that I know, all that I could do – I would do. And Seth, Amy, and Mom would too.
Auber, out of the thousands and thousands of ‘Nighty Night Dad’ that you have called out to me on your way to bed at night, this is the last time I will get to say: ‘Nighty Night Punkin.’
And I can now add: we are so proud of you!
our first dance......

my immediate and most of my extended family...

most of davin's immediate family....

move to provo, ut

well after the engagement we had a dilemma. Davin was heading back to Provo, UT to continue his education at Brigham Young University in August (just a month after we got engaged). We had decided to get married December 2007 which was between semesters for Davin. I didn't want to stay in Michigan without him so i decided to go to Provo, UT with him. In order for me to go i had to sell my first horse. It was one of the most difficult things i have ever had to do. I guess every good thing has an end.

So Davin and i drove down to Provo, UT in his old car. Which as it turns out does not have air conditioning. Also we lucked out and decided to drive on the days where there were heat advisories in ever state we drove through. We sweat throughout the entire drive. We actually stopped once and sat in the freezer section of a walmart for a good half hour. lol

When we arrived i was shocked by how beautiful Utah was with the mountains and canyons. We both moved into single student apartments and we were just down the hall from each other. I had never lived with roommates before and i was very nervous at first. But, i ended up having a great time and really appreciating my roommates for the wonderful girls they were. I would say we had a blast at our single church ward but it was more like just me. Davin was so busy with school and work that i rarely ever saw him. But i went and enjoyed mostly all of the activities of our apartment complex and church ward without him.

engagment story...

here is the story.......First off we decided to plan a trip to kirtland ohio to see the church sites. Davin had never been there and it is only about 3 hours from my parents house. So we decided to go. Once we planned the trip Davin couldn't stop talking about it and how excited he was to go. I thought he was a little over excited to be honest. We looked at the sites online and he seemed even more excited. (it was cute).

When the big day arrived and we made it to Kirtland ohio Davin kept saying how he wanted to go to the park that has a bridge over the stream where the early pioneers had mined the stone for the temple. I kept telling him that we had to go see some of the old houses and temple first. He seemed kinda bummed so After we visited the temple i finally told him that we could go to the park. Davin seemed very happy. By the way the weather was absolutely beautiful. Once we got to the park we looked at the map of where to find the bridge. (There was actually a person there who does tours and to my surprise he turned down the guy and said that we could look around ourselves. ) So we headed off on a trail into the woods thinking we were heading towards the bridge. But after about (i swear it was) 2 miles the trail opened up into another little park area. Davin was so upset i had to laugh. It wasn't like him at all. He headed to another map and realized that we went down the wrong trail so he marched back to our trail and we started back.

Once we finally found the bridge Davin picked up a bunch of rocks and we were throwing them into the stream and than he left to get more rocks........

When he returned i was waiting for him because i didn't have any left. He held out his 2 fists and asked me to choose one. I picked one and than he said, " trust me you want the other rock. " so i chose his other fist and in it was a box.

I was so shocked i actually stepped back(poor Davin, his face looked worried). So he grabbed my hand and got down on one knee and the rest is history. We were actually engaged on Friday July 13th of all days. Davin took a picture of my hand with the ring on it with his phone and text it to everyone. It was one of the best days of my life.

how it all began...

Well lets see. How did we meet? Actually we have been in the same ward in Michigan since i moved to Michigan back in 97. Davin is the same age as my older brother Seth so we were never in the same Sunday school class and so we never really spoke but we knew of each other. Anyways so when Davin returned from his mission from Romania in march of 2007 my Aunt Kathy decided it would be a perfect time to invite him over for one of our family dinners. (his second Sunday home from his mission). Surprisingly he said yes, considering it would be just him and my family and my aunt and uncles family. Long story short he came over and we all had a pretty good time. My sneaky aunt gave him my number so when i offered my number to him he said that he already had it....haha.

Which leads us to our first actual date.......(just the 2 of us)

Our first date was to a movie (premonition) by the way the movie sucked. By far the worst movie i have ever seen. People actually fell asleep in the theater. Luckily we still had a pretty good time just talking to each other....we just had to talk over the snoring that was going on (totally serious). After the movie i invited him over to play some ping pong ( i felt guilty over my poor movie choice). Needless to say we had a pretty good time despite the awful movie.

Our first kiss.....i hope Davin doesn't mind me posting this.....

Well we went out just about every night that next week after our first date. But it wasn't until after our 4th date that i actually suspected that he might kiss me (finally lol). As he went to leave (which was probably around 1 or 2 in the morning, at the time i was working and going to school and didn't get home till around 9:30pm so that was the reason why he stayed so late....although i would like to think it was because i was just such a cool person that he never wanted to leave ;-P ) anyways as he went to leave he gave me a hug. It was a little big longer than his previous hugs, which led me to believe that he may kiss me but no. So he hugged me and than stepped out the door. To my surprise he came right back into the house and boldly walked up to me and gave me a kiss. It was by far the best first kiss i have ever had. He was so sneaky! I think he may have just been building up the courage but either way the kiss was way cute/ romantic.
this is the first picture we have of us was taken on a cell phone....don't judge ;-P

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

we started a blog!!

Yes it is true we have finally started a blog. YAY! Now everyone can read about our life together. Trust me folks it will be much more interesting once we have the baby.