Thursday, December 31, 2009 in michigan

Well i guess i am a little slow at posting these days.
This Christmas we flew out to Michigan just like last Christmas so we could be around family. We were in Michigan from the 18th of December till the 2nd of January. I think we were in Michigan too long because at the end of vacation we just didn't want to leave. I guess my blog is more of a photo journal. Also sorry but i am too lazy to put them in date order. lol here we go......

Just Preston and i at my parents house after the long trip to Michigan from Utah. He was a tired little guy. He hardly slept at all because the airport was just soo interesting....he loved watching all the people going here and there. He was really good for the flight too he mainly slept.

Flying over Utah! So pretty.

Happy baby on the plane!

Preston loved hanging out with his Grandpa Burke.

Amy wore my dad's head light when she needed to finish packing her stuff from her room because Preston was sleeping in there and she didn't want to turn on the over head light and wake him. What a good auntie. Oh and she was packing to go back to school in Idaho.
Preston loved being carried around by his Grandpa Burke. Notice the drool spot on my dad's shoulder?.....he pretty much always had a wet spot on his shoulder from Preston.

Long time Friends of Davin's.

Fun with grandpa Jarvinen

The majority of Davin's family that is in Michigan. Davin's mom and dad had everyone was a full house!! Even though 3 of the siblings were not there because they are out of state!

Preston's Uncle Jeremy....ya preston has skills.

Preston loved meeting his Grandma Jarvinen. She held him and rocked him...happy boy!

Christmas day dinner at my parents house....Davin's parents came over too. Davin decided that Preston needed to close his mouth lol

Christmas day dinner....yumm. Seth and Megan were in Michigan too for Christmas.

Preston crying on Christmas....Davin just wanted to point out that his shirt said "my First Christmas"

He loved wrapping paper

Christmas morning.

Our stockings that my Aunt Kathy got for us! they are beautiful.

For some reason on Christmas eve Wil (my cousin Elise's little boy) decided to give my sister everything on my mom's side funny lol

wrapping paper!! woohoo

Preston opening his Christmas eve present (which was and will always be PJs) lol

Preston and my mom with Elise and Cooper (Christmas eve)

Christmas eve!

the boys showing off their muscles!

A couple of Davin's Nieces and nephews.
Playing a game at Keith and Kathleen's ( One of Davin's older bros)

Preston's uncle Keith

Preston loved watching my parents nice HDTV

Davin's wonderful friends that were at the time expecting their first little boy.

My dad was walking around with Preston as usual and one of Preston's socks fell off. My dad couldn't find the sock so he decided to put one of his socks on Preston. lol Preston didn't seem to mind.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Preston is eating solid foods!

This picture makes me laugh. Davin was feeding Preston and Preston was just staring at Davin and holding his finger....i think for some moral support. lol

Preston started eating solid foods in December. He did very well with his soupy rice cereal. He was very concentrated on his eating it was cute! We started him on the rice cereal when he was 4 months and a week. His doctor said that he is a big guy and needed more than just formula for his tummy to stay full and happy ;-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

family christmas pictures!! and preston's 4 month check up

We schedualed our christmas pictures at 10 am and his 4 month check up at 2 pm all on december 1st. Made for a long day! We won't make that mistake again that is for sure!
Preston's stats for his four month check up were:
Height: 25 3/4 inches which is the 75th percentile
Weight: 15 lbs 9 oz which is the 60th percentile
Head size: 42.7 cm which is the 80th percentile
So his growing is starting to level out since he is no longer in the 90th percentile.

Preston Laughing

Preston is in his portacrib before his bath when i found out that he thought that the hippos from the portacrib are hilarious when they fall. He is the funnies little guy sometimes. He is such a joy!

where did november go?

Seriously where did November go!? I will try and give a brief summary of our November.

Davin's birthday was November 1st so we had my Seth and Megan over(Megan is holding Preston) and a few friends over for cake and ice cream. Davin is 25 now! woo hoo
Preston's first time in the exersaucer! His feet can hardly touch but he didn't seem to mind.

He now tries to put EVERYTHING in his mouth!!

Look mom the color blue! His jk

Preston's first attempts at sitting up. I think he is just working out his abs. ;-P Also he wants a better view of his toys!

This is just a funny picture. Davin thought it looked like he was wearing a turban while in fact it is just his clothes on top of his head.
Look muscles! lol
Preston is starting to not mind tummy time! He is getting better at holding his head too.
My friend Sarah, her mom, and sisters came for a visit the day before thanksgiving from Idaho. I hadn't seen sarah for almost 2 years! Preston enjoyed all the attention!

He was such a happy boy!
Sadly we totally forgot to take pictures on thanksgiving. opps! We went to my friend Emily's families thanksgiving at her Parents house. Her family has been super great to us! Preston loved hanging out with them. Her family loves to hold him and carry him around...and he loves it! Emily's Dad held him almost the whole time...such a happy and spoiled baby. He really doesn't mind who is holding him. He has been pretty social so far. Hurray!! ;-)