Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rachel's Graduation Party in Indiana

While we were in Michigan we were able to drive down a couple hours to Indiana to go to Rachel's high school graduation party.  It was fun!  My grandparents were there, my parents, Sue and Mark, Todd and Catie, Elise, Nick and kids, my sister Amy, Steve and Chris, Katie, as well as us.  We had a water balloon fight, good food, a bounce house...what more could we ask for?
Preston rode on Grandpas back at Kathy and Jim's house.
Davin played games with my Grandma and Aunt Kathy. Good times lol
We stayed at the hotel while everyone else went to the actual graduation.  We didn't have tickets because we weren't going to still be in Michigan lol but we were.  Anyways we didn't get a picture with Rachel in her cap and gown. Oh well! We hung out at the hotel and swam ;-)
back to front...Elise, me, Amy, and Rachel. 
We decided to get matching dresses and recreate that picture since we would all be together lol
haha cousin love!