Friday, February 24, 2012

Art with Preston!

So i have been tying to get Preston more interested in in finger painting, crayons, play doh and things of that nature.  Since those artsy things don't require a ton of physical effort he can do them for as long as he wants.  However, it hasn't been going so well haha  He really isn't a fan of finger painting but i keep trying.  I think i am going to get him some paint brushes and try that out.  He has never been a huge fan of coloring...he just likes to eat crayons ;-P  I keep at it though since they do a lot of coloring in nursery at church and i don't want him to always eat his pictures instead of coloring them.  He is getting better at in he actually gets excited when i break out the crayons...and will color for about 5 mins. haha gotta start somewhere.  I recently hit the jackpot with play doh...he really likes it!  He also doesn't try to put it in his mouth as often as i thought he would.  I just break out the cookie cutters and different cooking things to cut and mold with and he is in hog heaven!  yay!  

Coloring with 1 crayon in his right hand ;-)  Good job Preston!

Eating the tip off of a Preston no...

Coloring with a bunch of crayons in one hand is his fave...haha silly kid!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pneumonia sure isn't fun!

Preston had had a cold for about a week and it seemed like it had finally gone away when Preston started coughing at night and got a fever.  I thought maybe he had gotten bronchitis or something and so i decided to take him to the after hours clinic in Orem on the Saturday before Valentines day.  I wanted him to be all better for his Valentines Party for the kids from church on Valentines Day.  ;-) So Davin and I took Preston to the clinic which we have never been to before.  The doctor said his lungs sounded fine and it was most likely a virus but then his fever went up to 102 from a 100 when we first got called back...he also fell asleep on my lap...poor kid! When we told the doctor about his strep infection back in September and that he has D.M.D.  she got a little nervous and wanted to put him in the hospital in Provo for an overnight observation and so they could do x-rays and blood work. 

 By this time it was about 8:30 pm and we are tired and hungry.  All i could think of is that i didn't want Preston back in the hospital and also i thought the doctor was over reacting...a little.  I told her that i didn't want him to go into the hospital and asked if maybe we could just go through the ER and see how sick he really was before admitting him to the hospital.  The doctor agreed and had us go to the Orem Hospital ER.  Of course we had to wait a while for the lab work and x-rays to get done and by this time...around 10 we were starving!  Thankfully Seth and Megan live right around the corner from the Orem Hospital so i called Megan and asked her if she could bring us some burgers or something...which she did...including a yummy frosty ;-)  Anyways around 11pm the doctor came in and said that Preston had Pneumonia but luckily it had been caught early!  The good news is that we could go home with antibiotics and not have to go stay at the hospital...yay!  Although the doctor ordered Preston get 2 shots 1 in each thigh with antibiotics before we left...ouch!  The nurse there was kinda horrible at drawing blood and giving shots.  It made me feel so bad for him cause she dug in his arm for like 5 mins for a vein and Preston usually doesn't even cry when he gets his blood i knew this lady was dumb and couldn't find a vein for some reason.  After everything we got home around midnight...still better than having to stay at the hospital though ;-)
Worst of all...Preston was too sick still to go to his Valentines party ;-(  I guess we will have to wait til next year!  I am really glad we took him in though and that they caught the pneumonia early on.  ;-)

Poor guy needed all 3 of his puppies for moral support( I think)when he went to bed sick ;-(  I couldn't even get him to smile for the camera...he was pretty dang miserable!  We got him a frog humidifier which helped him sleep a bit better while he was sick...he loves it haha he thought it was a toy at first. ;-P

Friday, February 10, 2012

Good Bye to the Motorcycle

Well after about a year and a half of owning the motorcycle we decided it was time to sell it in order to pay some bills.  We were sad but I am sure it won't be our last motorcycle...haha.  Davin was able to sell it for a hundred more than what he paid for it...which is awesome!  He decided to buy a rode (pedal) bike to replace it as a way to get to school.  Davin seems to like the bike so far...just a lot more work since BYU campus is nothing but up hill. ;-P  

Preston loved the Moe Moe haha
 OK so i may have just added these pictures of Preston because i thought they were sue me lol  He looks like a mini Darth Vader wearing Davin's motorcycle helmet. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Preston is a BIG BOY! ;-)

Poor Preston only days after he started wearing his night splints we put him into a twin bed.  I thought for sure that it was going to be a tough couple of nights but nope not for our Preston.  The first night Davin had to put him back in his bed twice and well that was that.  He LOVES his bed and the Cars themed bedding we got him.  He sleeps great in his bed and rarely gets out of it in the mornings when he wakes up or after a nap...he just waits for us to get him.  Seriously i think Preston was pre-trained when he was born lol  No problems taking the binkie away, driving cross country, going to a twin bed, or even night splints...who is this kid? lol I worry about potty training....there is no way i could be that lucky ;-P  Oh these pictures are from the second night in his twin bed...i was too afraid the camera would wake him up the first night. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Some changes for Preston

Poor Preston has really been through a lot in the last 4 months as far as therapies and different doctors.  Preston now sees a physical therapist every couple weeks at the Pediatric Orem Rehab Center...he isn't a fan of the stretching but he likes the physical therapist/assistants and likes to play with them.  Everyone there knows Preston and loves him....what isn't there to love ;-).  Sadly through seeing the physical therapist we learned that Preston should only participate in active play (walking around, chasing other kids, getting down and up, playgrounds ) for more than 30 mins to an hour before he needs to just sit down and relax.  This has turned out to be more difficult than i had thought because when Preston gets around other kids he just wants to go go go.  We pretty much just have to leave since getting him to sit down with other kids around is impossible...he just thinks he is in trouble...sadly. 

Preston also met with a feeding specialist at the same rehab place to determine his drooling problems and biting/chewing issues.  We found out that he is chewing like a 9 to 8 month old and he doesn't use his molars.  Also that his mouth is hypo-sensitive meaning that he doesn't realize how much is in his mouth or where the food is in his mouth...he also doesn't even know/notice that he is drooling.  That is the reason why he puts so many things in his mouth and just drools all the time.  The feeding specialist lady was impressed with how hard he tried with the things she wanted him to do since she was just a random stranger. :-) He is amazing.  Anyways the home treatment plans for both physical therapy and the feeding therapy are pretty time consuming and hard to remember to do all the time.  I know that they will help him but it sure is hard sometimes, especially being pregnant with the physical therapy stuff. 

Preston got these splints to wear though the night when he sleeps to stretch his heel cord muscles.  This was the first day he wore them...he just wore them around the house.  We slowly introduced him to the splints for about 4 days before he wore them all night in a stretch.  He has done great with them so far and hasn't taken them off.    He actually likes them...he did get to pick the colors and the motorcycle design so that could be why. ;-)   They have really improved his flexibility in his he can climb stairs slowly but without tripping.