Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter Time with my Parent's

My mom flew in just 2 days after we got home from the hospital with Claire.  It was great having her around to help with food and stuff.  Preston had a great time.  My dad came for 5 or 6 days over the Easter weekend but my mom was here for about 3 weeks.  We did all kinds of fun things!  

Preston finally getting all of his trucks to stack together...lol he is always trying to do that!

We took the kids to the thanksgiving point farm.  It was a little chilly but fun.  

there was this cute little lamb that came right to the fence but Preston didn't seem to care ....

...because he saw a tractor!

Pony ride! He loved it!

Scarlett got the little pony haha

Headed to the tractor ride!  He loved hangin out with the tractor more than the animals...go figure!

Preston kept holding his hood up for whatever reason

He was so concerned about the tractor in the garage...lol i think he believed it felt left out or something

After the farm we went out to eat and got some ice cream...which my mom proceeded to drop on the floor ;-P thankfully he had eaten quite a bit of it before hand

dying Easter eggs a few days before Easter with these neat tie dye kits.  The eggs turned out pretty cool.

Preston loves to wear Clair's stuff haha

my silly boy!

We took the kids to visit the Easter bunny at the mall...it was pretty cold so we didn't take their jackets off

Dave came down from Idaho for a visit!  We decided to go up to the Nutty Putty Caves area to do some  4 wheel driving and BBQing. A little chilly but beautiful!

I love these 2!

the kids would not cooperate for the picture lol too busy looking at everything

We went riding up the mountain on this tiny road in a rather large truck...it freaked me out but Dave is a good driver so I figured he wouldn't drive my whole family off a cliff LoL

Both kids fell right to sleep off roading!