Thursday, January 26, 2012

Craftin for Baby Girl

Through the power of YouTube and the help of my Aunt Kathy (over the phone) i taught myself how to crochet a hemstitch for blankets and burp cloths.  I am so proud!  They may not be perfect but i love them!  ;-) I think baby girl will love them too.   

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Finally some SNOW!

We woke up to snow this morning!  The first actual snow of the season!  This winter has been quite warm so far.  Preston was excited to see the snow...he kept looking out the window!

We decided to take Preston into the Provo Canyon to  play in the snow because the snow where we are at was super wet and melting quickly.  I gave Preston his clothes and told him to take them to daddy so Davin could help him put them on.  Preston took the job seriously and held the clothes so tightly haha such a silly guy!

Preston was ready to go!  

Don't worry...we didn't go down that trail. lol

Preston loved going down the snowy slide!  He had a hard time walking thru the snow since he has never had to lol

He was making car sounds while steering the steering wheel haha

Preston was looking at.... lol

BYU Dinosaur Museum

While Davin was on his Christmas Break from BYU we took Preston to the BYU Paleontology Museum. Preston really liked it so we took him a couple times. ;-) 

Big dinosaur! Preston tried to pull it no avail!

Giant Dinosaur vertebrae...perfect to climb on lol 

Davin got this great idea to put Preston in the mouths of the dinosaurs. lol Preston thought it was funny too  ;-)

Wait...that dinosaur doesn't eat meat...oh well! ;-P

Dinosaur foot print

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our Anniversary and New Years!

Well our anniversary celebration wasn't nearly as amazing as last year but it was still a nice date night.  Heather, Nate, and family watched Preston so we could go out to a movie and dinner.  We went to the new mission impossible movie "Ghost Protocol" and it was really good!  I was a little bit uncomfortable sitting in the movie theater because of being pregnant.  I haven't been in a movie theater for so long that i didn't even think that i would be uncomfortable. lol ;-P   After the movie we weren't quite hungry yet because Davin and I ate a ton of popcorn and pop ;-)  Soo we went to Kohl's so i could look at shoes...normally he would have said no but i think Davin was being extra was our anniversary after all.  I found some flat black boots that were on sale and don't make my feet hurt...yay!  Then we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  It was busy as usual but still a nice dinner.  We ate a lot and Davin even let me get a fried pickle as an appetizer...don't knock it till you try it!  MMMmm.  Then we went back to Heather and Nate's and just hung out there for a little while longer while Preston played and played with his cousins!  haha He was tired for a couple days after that! He and his little cousin Isaac got along really well.  It was cute!

Well i may have put that in bold but it wasn't anything super special or anything  lol  We Skyped my parents for about an hour...Preston was happy to see them but still a little confused on where they actually are. lol Other than that we just hung out for New Years Eve.  We got some Sushi from the Japanese place Davin used to work at and his old boss gave it to us for free! Nice guy and yummy Sushi, as always!  We also got some Oreo's, apples and caramel, smoothie mix, and well that was about it. lol I didn't need anything more for snacks cause then i would just have eaten them all!! Preston went to bed at his normal time around 8:30 and then Davin and I had a Prison Break season 2 marathon till it was time to watch the ball drop...then we toasted with some really nasty tasting sparkling apple-cranberry juice stuff.  I thought it would be alright but it was gross. lol Oh well at least i got a kiss from my Davin.  ;-)  Then we went to sleep....we are officially an old married couple i think! 

New Years Resolutions/Goals...
1.  Lose all the weight i want to lose after the baby gets here...however much that maybe lol
2.  Be a better friend and make an effort to make new ones
3. Try to find a fun new hobby
4. Don't take everything so seriously
5. Enjoy the little things more

1. Work out more
2. Get better grades in School
3. Build more stuff with my own hands/tools
4. Read my scriptures more
5. Do more things with my family

Preston (ok maybe i made these up for him)
1. Get potty trained 
2. Be a great older brother to my sister
3.  Get and start sleeping in my own big boy bed
4.  Stop drooling so much
5.  Be a nice boy and listen to mommy and daddy ;-)