Sunday, July 24, 2011

Preston's 2nd Birthday Party in Michigan

While we were in Michigan we got to celebrate Preston's 2nd Birthday!  It was so nice because so many family members could come! We started off the day swimming at the lake with Cooper and Wil then we got Preston a McDonald's happy meal for lunch! He loved it.  Then it was party time at my parents! yay! The people who came were Grandpa Jarvinen, Jeremy, Lars, Keith, Kathleen, Riley, Austin, John, Ritzy, Nadia, Nathan, Mischa, Elise, Wil, Cooper, Grandma and Grandpa Burke (of course).  
Swimming in the lake!

Cars theme haha of course! 

I wanted to find a pin the tail on the donkey but i couldn't find one believe it or not!  So i asked my talented hubby  to draw instead of a donkey we did pin the smile on Lightening Mcqueen haha soo much cooler anyways! ;-)

Preston got the closest but i think Daddy helped haha

We got a pinata and Preston had a fun time being able to hit something ;-) 
the bigger kids really got into it. The pinata would not break!
Finally got the candy out!
Cake time! 
He was a little more civilized than his first birthday lol
ok i said just a little bit...
The other kids kept on "helping" Preston open the presents! lol

Keith and Kathleen got Preston a hard hat, drill, and saw.  Preston immediately started imitating what Davin and Jeremy had done while building the deck lol.

He is screwing in the floor boards! 
Preston had such a fun 2nd birthday.  He was such a happy  boy! 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July in Michigan

Since we were still in Michigan we decided to go to the Cohactah parade right up the rode from us.  haha The parade was extremely short consisting of some tractors a few classic cars and some farm animals lol fun times.  Then later that day we had a BBQ at my parents with Davin's brothers Lars and Jeremy. Then we went to the Blaine's for a boat ride, smores, and of course fireworks over the lake!  It was so pretty!  Davin's brother's Lars and Jeremy tagged along as well.
Cohactah Parade haha
the highlight was a girl riding a cow lol Oh and Preston got a stuffed animal Pooh Bear. 
The boat ride with my parents.  Such a beautiful day!
fireworks time!
We sat on the docked boat to watch the was so nice!