Friday, April 1, 2011

Parents visit for Easter!

 My parents flew out to visit  for about a week for
Easter! We did a lot of fun things. We went to Cabelas, the Zoo, Ikea, Taconos, Trafalga, Provo Canyon and a few other places. As well as celebrated Easter of course. ;-)
This is when we went to the Zoo. the Gorilla was every one's favorite.  He was eating a cereal BOX lol not cereal just the box.
 Preston is about the size of a baby Gorilla. haha
 The Gorilla again...he was playing peak a boo with everyone. Preston loved it!
We are right outside the elephant enclosure. Sadly the elephants moved out of the picture. oh well.
 My parents took Preston and Scarlett on the Zoo's merry go round.  They all loved it!
My mom and Preston.
My dad and Preston.
My dad is back there somewhere...
Preston kept trying to climb into the cages haha
 Preston and Davin in the jungle!  Or rather the bird enclosure at the zoo.
Preston loved riding on Daddy's shoulders!
My mom was trying to help Preston get into the crocodile exhibit. lol ok maybe she wasn't trying to but that is what it looked like.
This is the hat that we didn't get Preston at the Zoo haha It sure was cool tho!
 Easter egg hunt with Seth, Megan, Scarlett, and my parents!  We just had it in the back yard of our apartment complex.  Preston and Scarlett weren't huge fans of walking on the grass cause they are still pretty clumsy.  But they got the hang of it.
Davin is showing Preston what to do.

Preston got the hang of it and was trying to pick up more than one egg at a time which is pretty hard with such small hands!

It seemed like Preston was telling us "Help, i already have an egg in each hand!"
 Opening the eggs.  Once they found out the eggs had candy in them there was no stopping them! haha
 One of the adventures we went on was a drive up the Provo Canyon!  My parents took our car and Preston while we took the motorcycle. It was fun!  Besides the point that we ran out of gas on the motorcycle and Seth had to get us some lol  Thankfully we weren't in the canyon yet so the whole ordeal wasn't more than 20 mins.
 Scarlett and Preston had a fun time riding in the double stroller together and watching the water in the creek/river.
Preston going down the slide at the park in the was pretty chilly.
There was a random hail storm so we stayed in the Car till the hail stopped.  Pretty impressive for Utah lol
We went to Tucanos for lunch. Yumm!
Preston and my mom and Tucanos. He was getting a little sick of sitting.
This is during our trip to Ikea.  Who needs strollers when we have a wagon!  Seth got this wagon and was pretty excited to use it.  The kids liked it.
Preston wanted to pull it himself.
My dad and Preston at the Ikea play area.  He loved going down the slide in the background.
On the last day my parents were here we went to Trafalga for some mini golf.  The kids wanted to golf so bad but were kinda just in the way lol  Poor guys! Maybe when your a little bit older.
Last picture before my parents had to leave for the airport ;-(  It was a fun time for everyone!  We were busy everyday doing something.  I think we may have over planned there stay cause it sure went by fast!