Saturday, February 27, 2010

Preston trying to communicate ;-)

Preston trying to copy me when i do the "motor boat" noise with my lips. He is learning so much and trying to communicate in his own way ;-) We are also glad that he is steering away from the high pitched squealing. We think this is way more funny.

Sushi, V day and of course Preston

So Davin is currently working as a waiter at a Japanese steak house while going to school. He has tried a bunch of sushi and has decided that he really likes it and he wanted me to try it. Since he gets a discount i said what the heck i will try it and believe it or not i really like it too. Our favorite kinds are the most unhealthy kinds....the deep fried ones lol Which my friend who went on a mission to Japan for 18 months has informed us that sushi that is deep fried is not "real" sushi....oh well we love it! Anyways long story short we thought it would be so much fun to try and make it ourselves....the above picture is our first sushi roll the California roll. It looks so good doesn't it? lol it actually tasted like sushi....crazy right? we really are amazing.
Needless to say we went out for sushi for Valentines day....we were so full!! It was soo good too. After we ate we went to see the movie Percy Jackson, the lightening thief. It was all way fun and i am glad we got to go out while Seth watched Preston! Preston had so much fun with his uncle!

Davin is quite the artist. When your stomach is full everything is a smiley face...


Ya we love each other...;-)
Preston has discovered his feet lately....well at least discovered that he is in control of them!

We have discovered that Preston has to be fed in only his diaper cause he gets baby food everywhere! He loves to spit it onto his hand and lick it off...yuck! Believe it or not but the baby food still ends up on his diaper somehow. lol needless to say he loves all the different kinds....he does not discriminate.

Davin thought Preston was looking pretty tough in this minus the Binky i guess.

So we bought a safety bumper to keep Preston's arms and legs in the crib because he always gets them stuck out. However Preston's new favorite thing is to kick down the front panel and stick his feet annoying. He will sleep like this too. Oh and also in January we got him sleeping without his binky because he was waking us up throughout the night because he would lose his binky and want it back. He sleeps much better now without it once he learned how to sleep on his own. Since December he has been going to bed around 9pm and waking up at around 6am for a bottle and then going back to sleep till 830am or sometimes even 9am! we are loving it! Also he has a new love for his blankets and everything soft...he likes to touch his face with them and hold cute!

Preston has been a little big for his car seat cover the last couple months but we just kept putting him in it until well he started escaping.....

Now we have to put a coat on him and try and fit him in the car seat....such a pain. ;-P He is quickly outgrowing his car seat sadly.

I put a jar of baby food on his tray while i went to grab a bowl to mix the cereal and baby food together (which is his favorite way to eat his baby food) and when i turned around this is what i found. Apparently Preston has learned that baby food comes from those small jars even though i haven't ever fed him right out of a jar yet. he pulled the jar right to his mouth like he was going to drink it. Silly guy. We also started putting a plastic bib on him to stop the baby food from getting on his diaper....he is soo messy!