Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fun in May

Well May was super busy because we moved at the beginning of the month.  With a new baby and a toddler it was chaos trying to get everything unpacked and set up.  With that in mind I didn't get around to taking many pictures of anything haha.  

We finally decided to move because it was difficult for me to carry both Claire and Preston down the stairs.  Preston was a little nervous with the stairs at our old apartment because there were about 10 steps of metal stairs and it is difficult for him to maneuver them. I also couldn't stand not having a washer AND dryer.  Having two kids and having to take our laundry to be dried at the laundromat was just too much.  So we saw the apartment we wanted, signed the lease and then sold our contract within 4 hours.  Then we moved within 7 days after that.  It was all crazy and sad because I loved our old place.  The new place isn't as nice but I love all the storage, washer and dryer, and only 3 cement steps that Preston can climb or even walk up.  I can also easily pick him up and put him at the top of the steps or Claire.  It took me a little while but I like our new place.  

For mother's day Davin got me a hanging basket of flowers That he hung right outside our window.  I also got a scenty warmer.  I am writing this post months later and well...I think we went out or something. lol  ;-)  I am sure it was great! ;-)
Preston wanted Claire to sleep on his CARS couch.  What a funny guy!

Preston lovin his baby sister,
Went to get a drink from my glass of apple juice and what do you know, there was  a car in it.. lol thanks so much Preston!

tummy time!  Claire hates it...Preston does it for moral support...I think. haha
When Scarlett was visiting she joined in too lol

silly cousins!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2 months? What has Claire been up to?

Well Claire has started to....
smile...and SMILE a LOT ;-)

2 months old! Where has the time gone?
Preston always wants to join in on picture time!

Her eyes have turned very blue now.  No doubt she will have blue eyes ;-)
Claire loves mirrors and to smile at herself haha