Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Festivities

First of all, Seth and Megan invited Preston and I to go to their wards(church) Halloween party the weekend before Halloween. It was fun minus the fact that Davin had to work and couldn't come. There was a chili cook off and good snacks. The kids got to go trick or treating at the rooms in the church. They all loved it! Preston couldn't really figure out what was going on but he still had fun!

He held onto his bucket almost the whole night! Our cute little vampire!
There were a few balloons everywhere and Preston loved chasing them all.
Seth Held onto Preston and Scarlett so Megan and I could eat.

He figured it out....

Preston playing keep away. lol

Lots of people came. There was a DJ playing Halloween music.

The week before Halloween we carved our pumpkins. Preston didn't really want to get his hands dirty but he was super excited none the less.

He didn't mind holding the top...
For some reason he wanted to sit down on the job.
Then attack me...
The only way I got him to stick his hand inside the pumpkin at all is by putting the pumpkin scoop in there....i guess i should be happy about that. ;-)
Our pumpkins! Mine is on the left....I carved it freehand ;-) I am so proud. We didn't carve Preston's pumpkin and Davin's is just so

The Friday before Halloween Seth got us tickets to go to his work's Halloween party/haunted houses in his work's office buildings. It was AWESOME! There were a bunch of different themed areas in the had a waterfall, north pole/penguin theme, monopoly, avatar type theme... etc. All of them were so cool! Also Preston wasn't scared at all even at the scary ones. We dressed up as zombies and Preston was a vampire! ;-)

Preston couldn't figure out what was going on.
I love that he is smiling right at the camera lol.
we look I guess that is what we were going for ;-P
On Halloween Preston and I handed out candy while Davin worked. Overall a fun October. ;-)