Friday, January 1, 2010

Preston's six month check up and random stuff

Preston has been working on sitting up and squealing. Yes that is right squealing...he thinks it is the coolest thing that he can do with his voice. He is smiling and laughing now which is so much fun!

One morning Preston woke up with a Binky stuck to the side of his face. He turned to look at me and there it was...i could not help but laugh. He didn't even seem to mind or notice it. We had to get a picture.

Preston's favorite toy at the moment. He even falls asleep with it.

around 1/11/2010 he finally could sit up for a few seconds when we sat him up. Davin's hand was waiting for his famous tip over.

On 1/13/2010 Preston finally was sitting up for more like 2 minutes at a time so we didn't have to sit right next to him.

He was so proud!

Davin thought it was way funny when Preston thought he could drink out of the Dr Pepper bottle. lol

on 1/28/2010 (the day after his six month check up) he was able to start baby food! He made this terrible face when he first took a spoonful.....

then he just couldn't get enough of it. He is like a little bird he keeps his mouth wide open for more!

At the end of January he is still practicing his sitting skills with a pillow behind for protection against those unexpected falls backwards.

Oh and his 6 month stats are
Height: 90th percentile, 28 1/2 inches
Weight: 70th percentile, 18.12 pounds
His Head was: 75th percentile
So he has a big head oh darn lol. Hope that means he will be super smart! He is tall and pretty thin. We love him so much and are so glad that he is a happy healthy little guy!
Oh this is a video of Preston making his various noises including his current high pitched squealing that drives us crazy....;-) well i couldn't get it to work i will try again later...