Saturday, May 9, 2009

some belly happy?

for those that do not know i am expecting a boy on July 27Th. The little guy gave us a scare a few weeks ago on April 20th when i was 26 weeks pregnant he decided that he was ready for the world lol but he definitely is not yet. I started having contractions (which i had no idea they were contractions....being as i have never had contractions before) i went into the hospital. A bunch of tests were done and everything was looking alright i had started to dilate but not much. I was given some medication to stop the contractions and now i have to take that same medication whenever i have the "real" contractions again not just for the braxston hicks contractions. Than they sent me to the er because they noticed something on my right kidney during an ultra sound of my kidneys. The doctors thought it could be a kidney stone. Anyways long story short everything turned out okay. For a few weeks i was having to take the medication everyday but the past few days i haven't had any contractions so i think our little guy has decided that waiting is a good thing. ;-) thankfully.

Also during our stay at the hospital the doctor did an ultra sound of our little man and found out that i was 26 weeks pregnant but he was measuring over 28 weeks!! basically he is a chunker....he is headed to be a 10 pound baby i think. He apparently wants to be just like me. haha since i was over 10 pounds and 23 inches long at birth. needless to say i am pretty terrified of having a huge baby especially as my first but we will see. So according to my baby, he is due on July 13 ( a whole 2 weeks earlier!) so who knows when he will come....i hope he can come that early.......
so onto those belly pictures....

this was taken 2/25/09 so about 19 weeks pregnant
this was taken 3-22-09 so 23 weeks pregnant. about a month later.

this was taken 4-7-09 so at about 25 weeks pregnant. lol when i could still wear my i am too swollen to wear it.

this was taken 5-2-09 27 weeks pregnant. it looks like i had been crying....but i had actually been sleeping lol i think my butt is almost out growing my baby belly....;-P

oh an now the baby moves a lot!! he is an active little guy. i want to see if i can take a video of my belly kinda weird but i think it is cool. His favorite thing right now is to push out a little foot or hand against my belly and hold it there till i push it back. i know that is sorta weird but hey he is going to be my baby. i really think he is going to be a really active little guy but we shall see.